Social Media Manager


Mission: The Social Media Manager manages social media channels for PMA and the Center for Growing Talent by PMA, creates compelling and personalized year-round value for PMA members and potential members, as well as the industry.

Summary: The Social Media Manager uses social media channels to promote PMA and the Center for Growing Talent by PMA’s content, mission and messaging, engaging a variety of audiences and creating member value. The person in this role works across the organization to understand priorities and key messaging points, then employs a variety of social media outlets to meet those business needs while ensuring PMA’s social media channels are effectively used as engagement tools.

Staff Relationships: The Social Media Manager works under the administrative direction of the Director of Digital Operations as part of the Digital Content Team. The SMM will also work closely on cross-functional teams with other departments throughout PMA and the Center for Growing Talent by PMA. 

Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Work with Data Analyst and IT to ensure accurate social media metrics are available and incorporated into regular KPI reporting. Work with vendors to ensure social media tools are working efficiently and being leveraged effectively. (10%)
  • Create and distribute content in a consistent voice with the PMA and Center for Growing Talent by PMA brand guidelines that supports business goals and strengthens brands. Manage social media campaigns and day-to-day activities, including presence on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, and Pinterest (50%)
  • Leverage social media channels as engagement tools, both actively and passively, to build the PMA and Center for Growing Talent by PMA brands. Engage other functions as needed to provide timely responses. Ensure both brands are engaging appropriate influencers. (25%)
  • Work closely with Digital Content Team to ensure work is aligned and works cross-functionally to engage internal stakeholders. (10%)
  • Maintain professional and technical skills. (5%)
Selection Criteria:
  • Bachelors’ degree 
  • Two years’ experience in effective use of social media tools in a professional environment
  • Proven excellence in writing, editing, proofreading
  • Proven and demonstrable social media campaigns and social media metrics analysis
  • Familiarity with social media monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, Sprout Social and Falcon Social
  • Experience using multimedia tools for the web
  • Experience with aggregation and curation of web content
  • Mastery of basic computer tools such as the Microsoft Office suite and web tools including HTML editors, blogging and CMS platforms and social media management applications
  • Domestic and global travel required
  • Global experience in social media platforms a bonus
  • Work with minimal supervision
  • Work in cross-functional teams
  • Organized, able to meet deadlines
  • Strong writing skills, including Associated Press style
  • Strong multimedia skills, including photo, video and podcasts
  • Strong project management skills
  • Able to react quickly, work under pressure and juggle shifting priorities
  • Able to produce content and engage social network users in real-time

Measures of Success
  • Quantity and quality of social media content produced across all PMA channels
  • Positive metrics with regard to performance on social media channels, especially engagement
  • Positive feedback from internal and external stakeholders

No telework or relocation benefits available with this position.

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