Research - Healthy Lifestyles Executive Summary

Statistics and studies continue to show that far too many of America’s consumers—youth and adults—are at weight levels considered unhealthy. While there are multiple cultural and lifestyle factors contributing to rising weight levels, consumers’ eating behaviors remain the focus of the problem—and the solution.

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Research - Healthy Lifestyles

According to the Hartman Group’s recent report, Weight Management & Healthy Living 2015, Americans increasingly see themselves as responsible for their own weight and a growing number (32 percent) say there is nothing wrong with being overweight as long as person is healthy (up 11 pts from 2010) indicating Americans have come to accept their weight status. The report finds that weight management in the 21st century is increasingly not as much about short term efforts (“dieting”) as it is about permanent dietary alterations that are part of the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Research - Personalized Nutrition Now and Into the Future

The market for personalized nutrition is widespread, fragmented and here to stay, according to Personalized Nutrition – Today and into the Future, PMA’s new report by the Hartman Group, commissioned exclusively for PMA members. This overview provides insights about: • How consumers currently personalize their diets, including technologies they use. • What the future holds for personalized nutrition and how produce marketers can capitalize on this growing trend.

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Wedding Flowers

FMRF Consumer Research - Generation Y

Gen Y values accessibility when shopping for flowers, using multiple channels, including social media. This segment is most likely to buy flower on impulse.

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Wedding Flowers

FMRM Consumer Research - Generation X

Gen X is the mostly likely group to require convenience when purchasing flowers (e.g. delivery options). They are most likely to use a florist and have the highest incidence of purchasing flowers for anniversaries.

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FMRF Consumer Research - Baby Boomers

Baby Boomers most believe they appreciate flowers and are more likely than other generations to purchase them for birthdays and funerals.

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Wedding Flowers

FMRF Consumer Research - Floral Generational Study

Consumer research evaluating perceptions and purchasing/gift giving behavior regarding flowers and plants among Generation Y, Generation X and Baby Boomers confirms strong appreciation of and sensory and emotional connection with flowers by all generations.

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SOI 2016

State of the Industry

The annual State of the Industry address highlighted opportunities and challenges facing the fresh produce and floral industries, from technology to branding to talent management. Among the topics covered were personalized nutrition, customization, growth of fresh branded produce at retail, floral consumption at retail, talent development and demand creation.

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Flavor Trends Overview

Flavor is the No. 1 driver for all food purchases, according to Technomic’s 2015 Flavor report. While classic flavors certainly still appeal, many of today’s consumers are increasingly driven to try new flavors, and saying new flavors can influence them to visit a restaurant. New, unique flavors drive traffic because consumers like to experiment with foods and beverages, and flavor plays a large role in experimentation.

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Color Affects Mood

Color Affects Mood, Behavior in Marketing

Consumer color preferences are deeply rooted in emotional responses that seem to lack any rational basis, yet the powerful influence of color is hard to deny. This is especially true in the floral industry where purchases not only reflect interior design color trends but also personal messages associated with gift giving.

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