PMAs Glimpse into the Future 2017 Produce and Floral Environmental Scan

Special Report: PMA’s 2017 Glimpse into the Future

PMA’s “Glimpse into the Future” report identifies issues and trends that are likely to affect the global fresh produce and floral industries in the next three to five years. It was developed from information gathered by the PMA Research team, in conjunction with members and volunteer leaders worldwide, as well as global subject matter experts.

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Retail meal solutions

Infographic: Retailer Meal Solutions

Fresh prepared foods at retail are a bright spot in the U.S. food and beverage industry – sales have been exploding over the past five years. This US $26 billion market has experienced growth that is outpacing that of both retail and packaged goods, as well as foodservice, with expectations for even greater gains. This Technomic infographic shows some of the numbers driving the biggest trend in supermarkets.

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Today’s Hottest Ingredient: Technology

The consumer purchasing experience for fresh produce is changing rapidly. Technological advances are helping consumers in their pursuit of quality, sustainability and accessibility. As technological advances give consumers increased control over the food they shop for and consume, they are creating a more educated and powerful consumer for produce marketers to address. Produce marketers are well positioned to meet the consumer’s expectations and become their trusted partner and problem solver.

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US Foodservice Industry Trends

Commercial foodservice establishments accounted for the bulk of food-away-from-home expenditures in 2010. This category includes full-service restaurants, fast food outlets, caterers, some cafeterias, and other places that prepare, serve, and sell food to the general public for a profit. Some are located within facilities that are not primarily engaged in dispensing meals and snacks, such as lodging places, recreational facilities, and retail stores.

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Consumer Demand

Consumer Demand Drives Growth in Retailer Meal Solutions

Most consumers live life in a blur and they desire products that help them save time and gain a sense of control. The need to recover a sense of control influences many buying decisions in the intensifying pursuit of quality, convenience, customization and well-being. Companies and brands across all sectors are creating new products and services that promise to return this sense of control.

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Connected Consumer

Research - Personalized Nutrition Now and Into the Future

The market for personalized nutrition is widespread, fragmented and here to stay, according to Personalized Nutrition – Today and into the Future, PMA’s new report by the Hartman Group, commissioned exclusively for PMA members. This overview provides insights about: • How consumers currently personalize their diets, including technologies they use. • What the future holds for personalized nutrition and how produce marketers can capitalize on this growing trend.

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USDA GAIN report - Mexico Foodservice Industry

The attached GAIN report provides an overview for U.S. suppliers of food and beverages interested in the Mexican foodservice market, especially in the restaurant and hotel sector because of a growing number of foreign and domestic tourists and a rise in young chefs opening their own restaurants. This report focuses mostly on the restaurant sector, highlighting its structure, entry strategy and best prospects.

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woman choice

Research - Healthy Lifestyles

According to the Hartman Group’s recent report, Weight Management & Healthy Living 2015, Americans increasingly see themselves as responsible for their own weight and a growing number (32 percent) say there is nothing wrong with being overweight as long as person is healthy (up 11 pts from 2010) indicating Americans have come to accept their weight status. The report finds that weight management in the 21st century is increasingly not as much about short term efforts (“dieting”) as it is about permanent dietary alterations that are part of the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle.

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Big data

Big Impact of Big Data

Part of the challenge of big data is finding where the sheer volume of data and insights available about foodservice intersect with the more narrow data and insights that matter to your business, Massa said.

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