The Commercial Case for Vertical Farming

In this 30-minute webinar with global thought leader for urban agriculture, Henry Gordon-Smith, Managing Director of Agritecture Consulting and Co-Founder of Ag Tech X, prepare to have your thinking challenged. Henry will discuss not only the various forms of vertical farming but its requirements, benefits and the common mistakes made by those venturing into it. Furthermore, he will discuss the requirements for success and what the future focuses of vertical farming and food production should be, as it relates to a commercial context.

As arable land rapidly succumbs to growing urbanization, climate change is restricting what can be grown and where and our urban centres growing increasing populated, it seems the only way food production can go is up. Whilst the utopian view of vertical food production serves to feed the world, first we must master it.


Date: 24 January

Time: 10am AEDT


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Henry Gordon-Smith

Henry is a sustainability strategist focused on urban agriculture, water issues, and emerging technologies. He holds a BA in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, a certificate in Food Security and Urban Agriculture from Ryerson University, and an MSc in Sustainability Management from Columbia University. He is Founder of the popular blog (2011) and in 2014, Henry launched his company Agritecture Consulting, a boutique global urban agriculture advising firm where he helps entrepreneurs with urban and vertical farming feasibility studies, recruiting, and systems design. Henry was named one of the top 10 influencers by Produce Grower Magazine and 40 Under 40 in NYC Food Policy from Hunter College Food Policy Center.