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Special Report: Building Blocks of Food Safety

Food safety is one of the chief concerns of all who work in the produce industry. Nearly all operators have a food safety program and those that do not will almost certainly have to develop one as it is expected that the FDA’s Produce Food Safety Rule will require written food safety programs from producers. With all of the food safety requirements coming from regulatory bodies, buyers, consumers, advocacy groups and others, it may be appropriate to call a time out to reconsider what the basic building blocks of a robust food safety program should be.

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Steps To Manage Risk

Food safety planning, especially in the complex production and supply chain of the produce industry, can seem like a daunting task. In fact, a few simple steps can help ensure your program is as effective as possible. These four key steps will serve to guide a comprehensive analysis of a successful food safety program.

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GAPs Background

Ensuring the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables is a top priority for the produce industry. Supply chain partners have invested considerable economic resources in food safety protocols – from implementing good agricultural practices to Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point programs to third-party audits and laboratory testing – to ensure that their produce items are of the highest quality and safety. Below is an overview of the Good Agricultural Practices program.

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