PMA in the News

  • Explosive growth in the AgTech sector is boosting the global fresh food supply: Vonnie Estes, vice president of technology
    Startup City
  • How tariffs could impact the produce industry: Richard Owen, vice president of global membership and engagement
    Wall Street Journal
    PBS Newshour
  • How retailers can build a strategy for seasonal and local produce: Joe Watson, vice president of member engagement
    Produce Retailer 
  • LGMA revisions to ag-water standards: Dr. Bob Whitaker, chief science and technology officer
    Perishable News
  • IFD Flower Trends Forecast 2020 head researchers announced: PMA partners annually with International Floral Distributors on the report.
    Perishable News
  • Reducing the risk of listeria: Dr. Trevor Suslow, vice president of food safety
    Good Fruit Grower
  • Focus in Southern Africa on innovations to meet demands of evolving consumers
    Cape Business News

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