GS1 DataBar & DataBar Online

GS1 DataBar
Washington Red Delicious Databar Label
The GS1 DataBar is a stacked omnidirectional barcode created by the global standards organization, GS1. The GS1 DataBar was designed to fit on small loose produce items that are not large enough to accommodate a UPC barcode. The barcode is printed on a PLU sticker and supplemented by the 4- or 5-digit PLU code as the human readable portion. The PLU code can be used as a back up as it can be...
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DataBar Online

With the implementation of GS1 DataBar increasing, PMA created a simple data synchronization tool called DataBar Online. DataBar Online acts as a central repository for data exchange and provides a single point of contact between trading partners. The tool is designed for use by sellers of loose/bulk produce to communicate their 14-digit GTINs and corresponding PLU codes to their buyers...

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Why you Should Stop Using Generic UPCs

 On November 13, 2019, CPMA and PMA issued a joint press release announcing that generic UPCs would no longer be issued beginning January 1, 2020. It is strongly recommended that all growers/packers transition away from using generic UPC-12s (UPC-12s beginning with 033383) due to the growing number of retailers who will not accept them and begin to transition to the use of company-specific...

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DataBar Expert

Ed Treacy

Ed Treacy

Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability

+1 (302) 607-2118

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Wendy Logan - Manager, Supply Chain Efficiencies

Wendy Logan

Manager, Supply Chain Efficiencies

+1 (302) 607-2134

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E-learning Course - Produce Identification in the Fresh Produce Industry

Designed to assist the produce industry to learn how to identify their products along the supply chain, this e-Learning module is available to help improve supply chain efficiencies from the field to the consumer and ensure that the right product gets to the right place at the right time. 

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GS1 is a global standards organization with over 108 member organizations. Its objective is to assist the industry in identifying, capturing and sharing information throughout the supply chain within your company.