E-learning Course: Traceability in the Fresh Produce Industry

Designed to assist the produce industry to learn how to implement traceability processes for their businesses, this e-Learning module is available to help improve supply chain efficiencies from the field to the consumer and ensure that the right product gets to the right place at the right time.

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The Produce Traceability Initiative Website was designed to help the industry maximize the effectiveness of current traceback procedures, while developing a standardized industry approach to enhance the speed and efficiency of traceability systems for the future. The website serves as a central resource to provide industry members with extensive education, outreach and guidance on implementing traceability. 

Traceability Expert

Wendy Logan - Manager, Supply Chain Efficiencies

Wendy Logan

Manager, Supply Chain Efficiencies

+1 (302) 607-2134

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Ed Treacy

Ed Treacy

Vice President, Supply Chain and Sustainability

+1 (302) 607-2118

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