Retail Produce Sales Analysis: Dollar and Volume Sales of Fresh, Frozen and Canned Fruits and Vegetables

November 17
Impact of Inflation and Supply Chain Woes Felt in October

Twenty months into the pandemic, fresh produce retailing remains in flux. Continually changing consumer consumption and buying patterns, high inflation and severe supply chain disruption and constraints have yet to create a new and lasting balance...

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October 14
Inflation Prompted Some Shifts in Fruit and Vegetable Demand in September

September continued where August left off. "The multi-month normalization of consumption and grocery shopping patterns came to a halt in August hand-in-hand with an uptick in COVID-19 case counts," said Jonna Parker, Team Lead Fresh with IRI. "In...

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September 14
Fresh Produce Reaches Highest Year-on-Year Gain Since March 2021

The multi-month normalization of grocery shopping patterns came to a halt in August. “Since January 2021, we had been seeing the share of meals prepared at home decrease a little each month,” said Jonna Parker, Team Lead Fresh with IRI. “However...

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August 12
Fresh Produce Can't Match Strong July 2020, But Demand Remains Elevated

The battle for the food dollar is intensifying as shoppers are ramping up their engagement with restaurants, according to Jonna Parker, Team Lead, Fresh with IRI. "Whereas in May, the IRI survey of primary shoppers found that 40% had dined inside a...

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July 14
Fresh Produce Sales Remain Ahead in First Half of 2021

The first half of 2021 is on the books, and 210 Analytics, IRI and the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) partnered to understand how fresh produce performed relative to 2020 and 2019. The first half of 2021 brings a 1.2% increase over year ago...

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June 15
Fruit Sales Track Ahead of Normal Levels as Produce Demand Is Robust

While many aspects of the shopping trip have started to normalize, the weekly consumer demand for fresh fruits and vegetables continues to be robust compared with the 2019 pre-pandemic baseline. According to the May wave of the IRI primary shopper...

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May 12
Fresh Produce Demand Remains Well Above Normal Levels

Shoppers are increasingly choosing to grocery shop inside the store as COVID-19 concerns abate. 85% of consumers state they last shopped in-store and 68% say they will do all of their grocery shopping in-store moving forward. The better COVID-19...

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April 14
Produce Can't Keep Pace with March 2020 Levels, But Demand Remains Solid

March 2020 experienced the biggest spikes in the history of grocery retailing as the nation bought supplies to fill their freezers, fridges and pantries in preparation for shelter in place. After an initial flurry of trips in mid-March, the number...

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March 18
Strong Start to 2021 Continues Into February

"In December, we saw consumers moving around much more than any other month during the pandemic," said Jonna Parker, Team Lead Fresh for IRI. "But come February, trips and basket size trends moved back to the patterns that we saw throughout most of...

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February 18
Fresh Produce Continues on Strong Growth Path

With 64% of shoppers starting 2021 with New Years resolutions, more than one third aim to eat healthier in general. This is good news for the produce department, with it's healthy products and favorable pricing. With this trend in mind, the first...

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December 15
Going Up Against Thanksgiving 2019, November Produce Sales Continue to Track Ahead

November sales are dominated by the all-important Thanksgiving holiday — one of the largest retail opportunities in produce and many other retail departments. This makes it a hard-to-beat sales occasion any year. However, throughout...

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November 19
Strong and Stable Fresh Produce and Floral Gains in October

Eight months into the pandemic, the virus remains in firm control of how and where people spend their food dollar. Everyday sales have been on a slow march back to normal and restaurant transactions had come within 10% of prior year levels. Come...

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October 20
September Brought Fresh Produce and Floral Gains

The pandemic caused changes in virtually all shopping habits, from when and where people shopped to the types, amounts and brands they purchased. These changes were driven by anxiety over in-store visits that prompted fewer and shorter trips as well...

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September 17
Produce Closes Summer Out on a High Note: Week Ending 9/6/20

Labor Day boosted virtually all departments back into double-digit gains over year ago, particularly with the holiday weekend falling a week later than it did in 2019. Fresh produce had a stellar week, with gains far exceeding those seen the week...

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September 11
Fresh Produce Beats 2019 Labor Day Results in Tough Week: Week Ending 8/30/20

The last full week of August saw the smallest increases since the start of the pandemic across virtually all departments. Prior months had shown weak final week of the month sales and, in this case, the results were further influenced by a much...

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September 01
Produce Wins on Trip Conversion and Spend per Trip Amid Pandemic: Week Ending 8/23/20

Entering the latter half of August, the back-to-school season and upcoming Labor Day holiday will prompt shifts in sales patterns at retail. We will likely see a change in categories of growth due to an increased number of children learning from...

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August 27
Strong Summer Fruit Performance Augments Continued Strong Vegetable Gains: Week Ending 8/16/20

Five months after two of the biggest weeks in the history of food retailing, consumer demand for fresh, frozen and center-store food and beverages continues to ride well above the 2019 baseline. The week ending August 16 was the sixth of eight...

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August 18
Produce Demand Holds as Fruit Sales Strengthen: Week Ending 8/9/20

The second full week of August was the fifth of eight non-holiday weeks between Independence Day and Labor Day, in which everyday demand alone had to drive the sales performance. Consumer concern over the COVID-19 pandemic remained highly elevated...

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August 13
Produce Demand Softens a Bit as Economic Pressure Mounts: Week Ending 8/2/20

Consumer concern over COVID-19 remains high but stable, with 57% being extremely concerned, according to wave 16 of the IRI shopper sentiment survey series. Economic pressure, however, is mounting. Thirty percent of shoppers say they are...

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August 05
Virus and Economic Pressure Keep Retail Produce Sales Highly Elevated: Week Ending 7/26/20

More than four months after the big spikes in grocery sales at the start of the pandemic, CPG sales continue to track well ahead of the 2019 baseline. More than half, 56%, were extremely concerned about COVID-19 this week, according to the IRI...

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July 31
Strong Everyday Demand Drove Double-Digit Gains for Produce in Mid July: Week Ending 7/19/20

After weeks of growing transactions and spending in the foodservice channel, the rising number of COVID-19 cases around the country prompted many states to reinstate in-restaurant dining restrictions and limit capacity once more. Hand-in-hand with...

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July 21
First of Eight Non-Holiday Weeks Shows Strength in Produce Demand: Week Ending 7/12/20

Grocery sales have trended above 2019 levels since the second week of March. Gains during non-holiday weeks had been experiencing some erosion in what seemed to be a slow march back to normal — only interrupted by big spikes during holiday...

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July 15
2020 Produce Sales up 9% over Last Year's Fourth of July Week: Week Ending 7/05/20

All 2020 holidays affected by the coronavirus pandemic have seen strong sales results, from Easter and Mother’s Day to Memorial Day and Father’s Day. Several of these are big restaurant holidays during regular years and dollars shifted...

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July 07
The Non-Holiday Week Brought On Sales Pressure for Fruit: Week Ending 6/28/20

The week ending June 28 was the week in between Father’s Day and the Fourth of July, which means everyday demand alone was driving the sales numbers. Food and beverage sales remained well above last year’s levels as consumers bought for...

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June 30
Father's Day Provided Big Boost for Produce Sales: Week Ending 6/21/20

The week ending June 21 was Father’s Day weekend, and it resulted in a significant boost for fresh produce, both fruit and vegetables. At the same time, the demand for center-store items, including frozen and canned fruit and vegetables, also...

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June 23
Fresh Produce Gains Remain in Double Digits: Week Ending 6/14/20

While summer sales patterns are in full swing, demand for fresh, frozen and canned produce continues to shift. Consumers increasingly have the opportunity to dine out and many are fatigued with their tried-and-true recipes. Restaurant transactions...

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June 17
Three Months In, Fresh Produce Gains Remain in Double Digits: Week Ending 6/7/20

The first week of June marks three full months of coronavirus-related shopping patterns. While restaurant competition for the food dollar is gearing up, grocery sales remained highly elevated. Additionally, trends in trips, basket size, product...

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June 09
Robust Vegetable Sales Drove Another Double-Digit Week for Fresh Produce: Week Ending 5/31/20

Restaurants in many states have started to reopen dine-in facilities with social distancing measures in place, with subsequent improvements in reservation and transaction metrics and continued elevated engagement with takeout. This increase in...

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June 02
Memorial Day Week Drove Continued Double-Digit Sales Gains for Produce: Week Ending 5/24/20

Memorial Day signals the traditional start of the summer grilling season, with meat and produce promotions typically dominating the front page of grocery circulars around the country. This year, however, the tight meat supply created a starring...

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May 27
In the Non-Holiday Week, Fresh Produce Sales held Their Elevated Ground: Week Ending 5/17/20

Two months after panic purchases drove the biggest sales weeks in the history of modern grocery retailing, coronavirus-related shopping patterns for produce appear to be settling into a steady elevated trend line. In between Mother’s Day and...

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May 18
Fresh Produce Sales Remained Highly Elevated at +17% vs. Year Ago: Week Ending 5/10/20

In the ninth week of coronavirus-related shopping, patterns continued to evolve. Between the typical Mother’s Day sales boost and shoppers flocking to the store once more to stock up on meat amid ongoing coverage of shortages, grocery sales...

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May 11
Fresh Produce Sales Gains Remained in Double-Digits the First Week of May: Week Ending 5/3/20

Two months into the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery patterns continue to evolve. Initially, trips were plentiful as consumers sought to stock up their pantries, fridges and freezers and visited multiple stores to find all the items they were looking...

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May 07
Amid Strong Perimeter Growth, Produce Sales Jumped Back Up: Week Ending 4/26/20

Amid strong perimeter growth, produce sales jumped back up during the week of April 26. This is great momentum as we get ready for the summer fruits and vegetables to hit the market.

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April 30
Elevated Everyday Demand Pushes the Week of April 19 Above Prior Year Easter Level: Week Ending 4/19/20

Elevated everyday demand pushes the week of April 19 above prior year Easter levels. Now, going into the summer, it is important to keep the momentum for vegetables going and build strong demand for fruit, despite the vastly different trip and...

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April 23
Fresh Vegetable Sales Accelerated, Fruit Sales Growth Back to Single Digits: Week Ending 4/12/20

The week of April 12 marked the years earlier Easter as well as the sixth week of the coronavirus-related grocery shopping patterns. During this time fresh vegetable sales accelerated, while fruit sales are back to single digits.

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April 16
Produce Sales Remain Highly Elevated: Week Ending 4/5/20

Sales for the first week in April were likely influenced by the earlier Easter and a higher everyday demand that is driving a new baseline that sits well above the old normal.

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April 06
Fundamentally Different Produce Engagement Continues: Week Ending 3/29/20

March 29 marks the end of what has been, for most people, the third week of tightening social distancing measures caused by the rapid spread of the coronavirus. As of early April, 47 states have issued some type of executive order governing social...

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March 24
Fresh Produce Sales Up 33.9% Amid Growing Number of COVID-19 Cases: Week Ending 3/15/20

As coronavirus social distancing measures are tightening and the number of confirmed cases are growing, retail sales are surging.

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