Small investment, MONSTER RETURNS. Join eat brighter!™

Boost your marketing power with Sesame Street—an internationally recognized and trusted brand!
PMA, Partnership for a Healthier America and Sesame Workshop have joined forces to create the eat brighter!
movement, an opportunity to include Sesame Street character images in your marketing plan and help to increase
sales! We have collaborated to make eat brighter! affordable for all companies in the produce industry, regardless of size. Our overall goal is to encourage children ages 2–5 to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. With added consumption comes added sales—a win for our industry, your business and communities.

Big impact, low cost. As a breakthrough, innovative initiative for the produce industry, eat brighter! allows suppliers,
distributors and retailers to promote fresh fruits and vegetables with the help of popular Sesame Street character
images like Big Bird and Elmo—all royalty-free. As a PMA member, it’s a multi-million dollar deal for less than $1,000!
Not a member? You can still sign up to be a part of the movement! Combine eat brighter! with a PMA membership to
take advantage of year-round benefits.

Proven results. Suppliers participating in eat brighter! for three quarters reported an average 5.3%
increase in year-over-year sales! (PMA Survey, Q2, 2015)

Get started!  If you’re ready to begin the application process, please fill out the quick form on this page and a PMA representative will connect with you. If you have questions or would like more information before applying, call our Solution Center at +1 (302) 738-7100 or email us at eatbrighter@pma.com.

Don’t wait! Take advantage of this incredible opportunity today! #eatbrighter

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Grocery Games with Michelle Obama

Grocery Games Funny or Die

Several eat brighter!™ champions, including first lady Michelle Obama, Sesame Street's Big Bird and NBC Parks and Recreation comedian and FunnyOrDie.com regular Billy Eichner of Billy on the Street, were recognized with an Emmy nomination for their work on the eat brighter! comedic video launched in February 2015.  



Elmo Helps Kids Eat More Broccoli


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