It's a Smart Business Decision to eat brighter!

It’s not often you can make an easy, win-win decision that lets you leverage the
power of a super brand to help increase produce sales, promote your high-quality
produce and let families have fun in making healthy eating decisions—and all for a low cost.

That’s what eat brighter! is all about: helping the produce industry promote fresh
fruits and vegetables to families by using popular Sesame Street characters like Big
Bird, Grover and Elmo—all royalty-free. That’s a multi-million dollar value for less
than $1,000 for PMA members. Now that’s a smart, easy business decision! And, eat brighter! is working: participating suppliers are already reporting increased sales.

Participating in eat brighter! is also great for your community: you can help shine a spotlight on healthy eating. Packaging and in-store promotions featuring the
popular Sesame Street character images are sure to attract the attention of kids—
and their parents, too!

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