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Download the Toolkit

Download the Toolkit
Furry, Fun and Affordable...

The eat brighter! marketing toolkit is a valuable resource. Download it today.

Please note: Only those with approved PMA/eat brighter! license agreements are permitted to utilize the marketing toolkit.

New eat brighter! Starter Kit for Retailers 

Now it's easier than ever to create a marketing plan to share the eat brighter! message with your customers and community. Get the new eat brighter! Starter Kit for Retailers, a brief, easy-to-read, easy-to-use booklet that gives you some easy, fun ways to create a fun campaign, and engage customers. Once enrolled in the eat brighter! program, you can take advantage of the full eat brighter! tool kit. The eat brighter! Starter Kits and Marketing Toolkit are included at no extra cost. Join eat brighter! today. 

New eat brighter! Starter Kit for Suppliers

Get a free, "eat brighter! Starter Kit" to map out your plan to bring the eat brighter! program on board—fast.  Once enrolled in the program, you can create and launch your own eat brighter! campaigns—and help grow sales.  There are a whole bunch of eat brighter! marketing tools for you to use—all included at no extra cost. Join eat brighter! today. 

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