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eat brighter! Good things come in PEARS!

Good things come in PEARS!

Each year we send posters and activity sheets to elementary schools across the U.S. and Canada, finding the connection to eat brighter!® campaign brings heightened enthusiasm and excitement for produce and fresh pears. Educators and school foodservice providers are eager to highlight healthy produce like pears, and improve eating habits, and the eat brighter! images work perfectly.

Kathy Stephenson, Pear Bureau Northwest

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Classic Harvest eat brighter! citrus featured in Walmart Super Bowl ad!

Classic Harvest eat brighter! citrus featured in Walmart Super Bowl ad!

Classic Harvest is proud to reach so many kids and families with the eat brighter! program through their partnership with Walmart.

I Love Produce

The team at I Love Produce loves the eat brighter! campaign.  We like the idea of increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables with younger consumers, and we used the campaign to introduce Asian pears to the market.
I Love Produce uses eat brighter! to help employees and their kids to boost consumption

I Love Produce

At I Love Produce, we used the eat brighter! campaign to reinforce delicious, healthy eating with our internal team and their families. At our Christmas party we gave the younger kids Sesame Street characters as gifts and made it part of the theme for the party.

Freshway Produce

eat brighter!™ is the best example of how retail clients show they care about their customers and community.
Wayfield Foods

Wayfield Foods Eat Brighter!™ works!

"The bottom line is – eat brighter!™ works.’ That’s what Georgia retailer Wayfield Foods says. Watch to see how eat brighter! works for Wayfield and how it can work for you. 
Classic Harvest

eat brighter!™ Gives Classic Harvest Retailers Well Known Brand For Produce Department

Freshway Dragon Fruit

Freshway Produce Uses Monsters and Dragon(fruit)s To Boost Consumption

At Freshway Produce, we believe healthy eating is important. By supporting eat brighter!™ we envision for parents and kids to try new flavors like tropical roots and exotic fruits (e.g., malagas and dragon fruits). – Jose M Roggiero, Freshway Produce Inc.

Avocados From Mexico Reach More Consumers with eat brighter!™

Stephanie Bazan of Avocados from Mexico explained how eat brighter! is helping them communicate the importance of healthy eating to consumers and see success along the way. Read her story below!
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Fowler Farms

Fowler Famrs Takes eat brighter! Out of the Store, Onto the Road

Q&A with Jennifer Sutton, sales, Fowler Farms
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Giumarra Companies

Giumarra Displays eat brighter! at Grocery Outlet's "Freshtival"

The Giumarra Companies promoted fresh and healthy eating with the help of their Nature’s Partner eat brighter!™ branded watermelons.
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Oppy Welcomed Bert and Ernie to Fresh Summit

Q&A with James Milne, executive director of marketing, avocados and citrus for Oppy
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Peak of the Market

Inside eat brighter! with Larry McIntosh, Peak of the Market

Peak of the Market has already launched a line of potatoes and onions adorned with Big Bird, Abby Cadabby and the fun, kid-friendly elements of the Sesame Street brand.
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eat brighter sbrocco

Sbrocco Excited for Extension of eat brighter! into 2018

Sbrocco International Inc. of Mt. Laurel, NJ joined the eat brighter! program in March 2015
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festival foods

Festival Foods Celebrates eat brighter!™ and National Fruits and Vegetables Month

Skogen’s Festival Foods, a family owned company branching across the state of Wisconsin, is committed not only to the health and wellness of its guests but also to the community as a whole.
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