Classic Harvest and Save-A-Lot Find Perfect Harmony with eat brighter!™

Suppliers and retailers like you have seen great success after incorporating eat brighter! into their packaging artwork, store signage and more. Linda Cunningham of Classic Harvest and Bryan Roberts of Save-A-Lot told us how they helped each other leverage the power of the Sesame Street brand and characters with eat brighter! packaging. Watch and read their story below!

Classic Harvest

questionWhy did you become involved in the eat brighter! program?

AnswerClassic Harvest is a young company, and we don’t have millions of dollars to spend on branding. We wanted to brand our products with recognizable characters; eat brighter! is an affordable option, and PMA has done all the legwork. Millennial moms know the characters, because they grew up with Sesame Street, and the artwork really resonates with children.

questionDescribe your experience working on eat brighter! materials with Save-A-Lot.

AnswerWith Save-A-Lot, we focus on national ads and programs where we can bring something different and unique to the table. We started with the eat brighter! program last September and featured Elmo on our navel oranges bags. So when Bryan experimented with creative advertising, we went to him with our eat brighter! bag. We put it in 1,300–1,400 stores in the month of March and saw a lot of success.

questionWhat would you say to retailers who are thinking about joining?

AnswerI would tell retailers that they do not have to pay extra to have Elmo or Oscar on packaging in their stores. Many retailers are used to having to pay more for character-branded products, but with eat brighter! it’s cost-neutral.