Fowler Farms takes eat brighter! out of the store, onto the road

Q&A with Jennifer Sutton, sales, Fowler Farms

Why is Fowler Farms involved with eat brighter!? 
Fowler Farms apples are a perfect match for the eat brighter! movement. We are proudly supporting this program as it will help get healthy apples on more plates and in more lunchboxes. The company will continue to roll out their eat brighter! go-to-market strategy to its customer base through 2016.

We heard you put Elmo on wheels!
Fowler Farms is using some out of the box (and out on the road) methods to promote its eat brighter! branded product. Consumers up and down the East Coast will see Elmo waving happily with a wheel barrel full of apples as the Fowler Farms truck makes its way to distributors. 

eat brighter! join the movement with elmo