Giumarra Displays eat brighter! at Grocery Outlet's "Freshtival"


This year at Grocery Outlet’s annual “Freshtival,”which took place in select regional stores  June 5-7, The Giumarra Companies promoted fresh and healthy eating with the help of their Nature’s Partner eat brighter!™ branded watermelons.  Each label contained the familiar face of Oscar the Grouch and a kid-friendly recipe making eating healthy both nutritious and fun. 

Along with their interactive eat brighter! watermelon labels, Giumarra supported increased produce consumption with eat brighter! coloring pages featuring a three week chart encouraging kids to color in a fruit or vegetable that they eat each day. 

eat brighter! packaging can be found on Giumarra watermelons, grapes, and blueberries, and Giumarra fully intends on offering eat brighter! packaging on even more commodities in the fall. 

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