Oppy Welcomed Bert and Ernie to Fresh Summit

Q&A with James Milne, executive director of marketing, avocados and citrus for Oppy

Why is Oppy involved in eat brighter!?
We view it as a continuation of our sincere and on-going support for PMA and its important initiatives, like the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent among many others. We were attracted to the eat brighter! movement because we have faith that it could make positive change. Increased produce consumption among young families will lead to good long term habits and a healthier future for all.  

What strategies/tactics does your go-to-market strategy include? Tell us about your character appearances at Fresh Summit!
We are encouraging retailers to display our eat brighter! packs together as a “destination” in the produce department. Since we have a wide array of items available, it can be very effective and prove to be irresistible to small shoppers and their parents.

Frankly, the response to the characters in our booth was fascinating. They were the biggest draw we have ever had at a trade show booth, bar none, and we have done everything from celebrity appearances to casino-style games. We were serving espresso on the other side of the stand, but it was photos with Ernie and Bert that drew people to the booth. Visitors of many nationalities and all ages got a big kick out of meeting them. It showed us that Sesame Street isn't only appealing to the little ones, but many generations are charmed by the characters. It illustrated that the appeal of eat brighter! is not limited to kids from 2-5, and that it has potential to attract a broader demographic at retail. It certainly opened the conversation about the eat brighter! movement; not only with our retail customers, but also with our growers who were present.

eat brighter! join the movement with Bert and Ernie