Sbrocco Excited for Extension of eat brighter! into 2018

Sbrocco grapes

Sbrocco International Inc. of Mt. Laurel, NJ joined the eat brighter! program in March 2015 and now has the friendly and familiar faces of Elmo, Oscar, and Cookie Monster on pouch and poly bags filled with fresh apples, pears, and table grapes. 

 “We were initially attracted to the eat brighter! program,” stated Sbrocco’s Marketing Director Christina Regan,“ because of how well it fit with our company, and specifically with our Good 4 U Fresh Fruit® brand, which is a fun, kid-friendly brand that supports health and wellness for our youth.” According to Regan, with children receiving dozens of ads each day for junk-food, including products like cereal, fast-food, and candy, the eat brighter! program helps companies like Sbrocco take their marketing programs to the next level in order to break through those unhealthy ads and reach audiences with healthy messaging that promotes fresh fruit. 

Since Sbrocco joined the program six months ago, they’ve received positive feedback from both their partners and their

sbrocco pears

customers. “Our retail customers are starting to create attractive destinations full of healthy eat brighter! fruits and veggies that Moms and kids can be excited about buying and eating. On the consumer side, our eat brighter! posts on Facebook and Twitter have proven to be some of our most successful in terms of consumer engagement, so we’re eager to watch that translate into excitement in-store, too.” 

With programs such as eat brighter! bringing the entire industry together, Regan stated, “It’s a great reminder of the bigger picture, beyond our sales figures or the number of Facebook fans our page has, that our work makes people, and specifically children, live healthier, happier lives.”

Sbrocco will continue contributing to the eat brighter! program and the positive impact it has on retailers and consumers. Within the next two years, the company hopes to extend eat brighter! packaging into some other commodities including citrus and blueberries.