Festival Foods Celebrates eat brighter!™ and National Fruits and Vegetables Month

Skogen’s Festival Foods, a family owned company branching across the state of Wisconsin, is committed not only to the health and wellness of its guests but also to the community as a whole.  From the special diet tips provided on their website to their recipe and nutrition blogs, Festival Foods is always reaching out to educate the public on how to shop smarter in the supermarket, so it’s no wonder they took it another step further and joined the eat brighter! movement. 

Festival Foods

One of Festival Foods’ Registered Dietitians, and Green Bay’s  Regional Health & Wellness Manager, Lauren Lindsley,  shared their excitement  to be a part of the eat brighter! movement in “eat brighter!™ with your friends at Festival Foods!,” which is featured in Festival Foods’ official blog. Lindsley also appeared on Local 5 Live in June, National Fruits and Vegetables Month, to discuss Festival Foods’ involvement in the eat brighter! movement and to share the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables consumption. 

Guests at Festival Foods will discovered eat brighter! signs strategically placed throughout the produce department,  along with coloring and activity pages located in the “Tot Spot” section, which is a free, supervised play area for children in the store. Lindsley states, “The whole goal is if you’re shopping with your kids that they do see the Sesame Street characters on the signs and product packages and get excited about fruits and vegetables.

We are using the same tactics typically used to market unhealthy foods to empower children to eat fresh fruits and veggies.” 

Individuals can eat brighter simply by slicing up a tomato or biting into a nice juicy peach, but according to Lindsley, there are lots of creative ways to make eating brighter even more enjoyable.

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