Big Benefits, Low Cost

PMA, Partnership for a Healthier America and Sesame Workshop are working
together to make this program affordable for companies like yours, regardless of
size. Featuring well-known licensed character images in packaging graphics,
point-of-sale or other marketing efforts typically costs millions of dollars. Now
you have an opportunity to leverage the same powerful marketing tactics for
pennies on the value. There is a minimal, one-time administrative fee for each
approved sublicense.

Category  PMA Member Fee* PMA Non-Member Fee*
Join today for savings
Large Retailers
(Over 10 stores)
$950 $3,500
Medium Retailers
(6-10 stores)
$200 $500
Small Retailers
(1-5 stores)
$150 $500
Large Suppliers**
(Annual Sales
$950 $3,500
Small Suppliers**
(Annual Sales
$200 $500
Promotional Organization $500 $1,850

*One-time administrative fee is payable to PMA in our usual format: U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks only via company check, MasterCard®, VISA®, American Express® and wire transfer.

**Suppliers are fresh produce grower-shippers, processors, repackers and distributors.

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eat brighter! success stories 

We would be foolish not to investigate whether or not eat brighter! could help us sell more product and get the consumer, especially children, more interested in produce.

Jack Gyben, Owner/Vice President  of Marketing Development Progressive Produce


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