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Exhibitor Set Up

  • Venue Information
  • Liability Insurance
  • What/When Exhibitors Can Set Up
  • Booth Display Guidelines

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Product Sampling

winning sensory dish
  • Catering Information
  • Safe Food Handling
  • Recommended Produce Supplier
  • Serve Alcohol

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Mixed fruit and vegetables
  • Ship Materials & Product
  • When to Ship
  • Material/Product Handling Costs
  • Shipping Labels

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Order Services

  • Order Services and Decor
  • Approved Vendor List
  • Appointed Contractors

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Exhibitor Checklist

  • Track Important Dates
  • Stay on Top of Deadlines
  • Add to Your Calendar

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Quick Guide

  • Quick Snapshot
  • Most Important Items
  • What's New This Year

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are booths still available for the 2019 expo?

We still have a limited quantity of booths available for 2019.  Please see the Become an Exhibitor page for more information and contact Colleen McDonnell with any questions.

 When is the conference and expo?

The 2019 event days have shifted. The conference and expo will now take place on Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27. Take a look at the new conference schedule.

Please keep in mind that this shift will impact when your shipment should arrive, when your staff and booth labor will set up and work, and when your outbound shipment should be picked up.  Review the exhibitor set up schedule.

 Where will the conference take place?

The 2019 Foodservice Conference & Expo will take place in downtown Monterey. Venues include:

How is the expo floor laid out?

  • The expo is in 3 ballrooms.  Take a look at the floor plan for more information.
  • Booths #1-699 are located in the Serra Ballroom on level 1 of the Monterey Conference Center
  • Booths #700-999 are located in the DeAnza Ballroom on level 1 of the Portola Hotel
  • Booths #1000 and above are located in the Steinbeck Ballroom on level 2 of the Monterey Conference Center.
  • There is an expo lounge in each ballroom to provide exhibitors and attendees with a place to connect and relax on the show floor.
  • The expo will open at 10:30 a.m. for exhibitors in the Steinbeck Ballroom (Booths #1000 and above).  The expo will open at 11:00 a.m. for exhibitors in Serra and DeAnza Ballrooms (Booths #100-999). Please review the exhibitor schedule to see how this will impact your set up time.

How do I order items for my booth?

All order forms are available on the list of approved vendors.  PMA cannot guarantee service if you use other vendors.  Be sure to place your orders by July 9th in order to take advantage of discounted prices.

  • Furniture, booth displays, labor, storage, carpet, cleaning, plants, electricity, material handling, and shipping are provided by the general service contractor, Tricord.
  • Audio visual is provided by Tricord in all rooms.
  • Internet and Wi-Fi in the conference center is provided by PSAV.  Internet and Wifi in the DeAnza Ballroom is provided by the Portola Hotel
  • Booth catering is provided by two different vendors depending on your booth location (Marriott is the official caterer for the Monterey Conference Center and the Portola provides catering for those in the DeAnza Ballroom).

What deadlines do I need to be aware of?

Save the exhibitor checklist to your desktop, so you have all of the key deadlines in one place.  You can also add these deadlines to your calendar.

Am I allowed to set up my own booth?

Monterey is in a "union jurisdiction" state, which means union labor will be required for certain aspects of you exhibit.  You may set up your own exhibit display as long as only one person can accomplish the task in less than one-half hour without the use of tools.  For more information review the exhibitor set up information.

Can I serve samples in my booth?

Yes, food and beverage sampling is encouraged.  On average, exhibitors hand out 200-300 samples per day. If you need assistance preparing samples, contact the official catering company for your booth (based on your booth location).  They can work with you to provide samples or you can prepare them in your booth. Review the product sampling section for more information about serving samples in your booth.

Can I deliver my booth material/product using my own truck?

You are allowed to make deliveries in a personally owned vehicle or with a shipping company.  Please give this map to your driver so he knows where to deliver your shipment.  Please review the shipping section for more information on material handling prices before you pack your shipment. Please note: you may move materials that can be carried by hand, by one person in one trip, with out the use of dollies, hand trucks or mechanical equipment - otherwise Tricord will need to move your materials from the dock to your booth.

Do you have a list of attendees?

We sure do!  All primary and secondary contacts for exhibiting companies can download an attendee list. Current registrants can also download an attendee list.  As we get closer to the show, you'll see more and more attendees appear on the list. Everyone wants to minimize the amount of email they receive these days, so please be courteous and only send emails out to people in your target market or key prospects.  

How can I interact with the media?

You can email our PR coordinator, Cassidy, for an up-to-date media list or for more information on how to reach out to the media.  Don't forget to interact on social media using the new event hashtag  #PMAFoodservice


Before You Leave Info

Review the before you leave info page for info you'll need when at the event.


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