Vincente Fox

Vicente Fox

President of Mexico (2000-2006)

Vicente Fox Quesada was born on July 2, 1942. He grew up at Rancho San Cristobal in Guanajuato, a communal land, where the only difference between him and his childhood friends were the opportunities he had. He always remembers from his childhood that one of the harms that can be avoided in our country is poverty. He studied Business Administration at the Universidad Iberoamericana, and later he received a Top Management Diploma from the Harvard Business School. In 1964 he joined the Coca-Cola Company in Mexico and started from the bottom; through his perseverance he became President of the company for Mexico and Latin America. He served as President of Mexico from 2000 to 2006. He was the first candidate from an opposition party to be elected president. Nowadays, he is actively involved on encouraging leadership and creating opportunities for the less favored people through his organization named Centro Fox.


Elena Ozeritskaya

Elena Ozeritskaya

Founder, Fresh Insight

Elena Ozeritskaya specializes in Customer Insight & Co-Creation. During her time at Unilever and Syngenta she was responsible for driving innovative projects with customer insight and in collaboration with consumers. Among other projects, she was involved from inception to launch using customer insight to develop Syngenta’s “Sweet & Seedless snack pepper” which won the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award in 2012. She founded Fresh Insight in 2012 with the mission to support companies in the development of Customer Insight and to stimulate Co-Creation. She is a keynote speaker on consumer and megatrends in food and floral, inspiring companies to get closer to their customers and to end-consumers.
Claudette Quevedo

Claudette Quevedo

Food Safety Director for Mexico and Latin America, Driscoll’s.

A biochemical Engineer with 18 years of experience within the fruit and vegetable sector in Mexico, Claudette has worked for the Federal and State Governments, as well as private companies and associations. During her 11+ years at Driscoll’s she led Quality Assurance and currently serves as Food Safety Director for Mexico and Latin America, supervising Food Safety programs, Labor Standards, and Organic Certifications. As QA Manager for Mexico, she was part of the team that developed and implemented the From Mexico to China: Blackberries and Raspberries Export Guidelines.

John Wang

John Wang

CEO and President of Mr. Avocado and Lantao

John founded Lantao in 2008, fulfilling his dream to import premium organic fruits from around the world into China. From two offices (a headquarters in Shanghai and procurement office in North America), the company has expanded to six distribution centers in China’s fastest-growing export markets, including Beijing, Guangzhou and Quingdao. In addition, John is a leading distributor of fresh and frozen Oriental products in Canada. He has worked in the fresh produce industry for 30 years and holds a master’s degree in agriculture from Henan Agriculture University. Eight years ago, John was the first person to bring avocados in containers to China. Thanks to his efforts Lantao has become the largest importer and distributor of avocados in China. In 2017, with John’s relationship, Lantao, Mission Produce and Pagoda formed a joint venture -  Mr. Avocado in China. Within less than a year, Mr. Avocado has become the largest ripening avocado company in China.

Bob Whitaker

Robert J. Whitaker, Ph.D.

Chief Science & Technology Officer

Bob Whitaker received his Ph.D. in Biology from SUNY Binghamton in 1982. Upon graduation, Bob joined DNA Plant Technology Corporation serving as both vice president for vegetable research and development and vice president of product development. In 1998, Bob joined NewStar as vice president of product development and quality where he developed corporate global food safety programs, spearheaded product development, and had operational responsibility for two value-added processing plants. In April 2008, Bob became the chief science & technology officer of the Produce Marketing Association (PMA), overseeing food safety and technology efforts from field to fork. Bob has served as a volunteer leader for the United Fresh Produce Association, as chairman of the International Fresh-cut Produce Association (IFPA) board. Bob has been directly involved on a number of industry and government food safety and technology initiatives. In 2006, Bob was awarded IFPA’s Technical Achievement Award for his work in food safety and product development. He was named to the Executive Committee for the Center for Produce Safety (CPS) in 2007, and served as chairman of the CPS Technical Committee until 2013. Bob still serves as a member of the CPS Technology Committee which oversees the solicitation and awarding of funds for produce food safety research.

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