Why Attend?

5 Reasons to Attend in 2016

  1. Network with industry partners
    You’ll meet exporters, importers, retailers, trade experts, solutions providers—and other potential partners who can help your business grow. Fresh Connections: Netherlands is an efficient and effective opportunity to build strategic connections and expand your knowledge of the market for fresh produce in Europe.

  2. Access real-world information
    Unlike many industry conferences centered on the European Union, Fresh Connections: Netherlands translates complex political and trade issues influencing your business into easy-to-understand terms and real-world insights.

  3. Acquire global and local perspectivesHow does Europe fit into the global supply chain? And what are the customers in the UK seeking? Our expert speakers will share both big-picture and hyper-local perspectives.

  4. Engage in solutions-oriented sessions
    We know you’re constantly seeking to improve, streamline and grow your business. Every session at Fresh Connections: Netherlands is designed to provide strategic advice you can implement right away.

  5. Discover new technologies
    How have European consumers embraced online shopping and mobile commerce? You’ll understand how to leverage technology — both in your internal operations and in your external communications — to build new business.

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