Registration Cancellation Policy

PMA will issue a full refund, minus a US$75 processing fee per registration, for written cancellation requests received by October 15, 2021.  

PMA will not issue refunds after October 15, 2021.

Badge Replacement Policy

There will be a charge of $100 to replace a lost/stolen/forgotten badge.  To have your badge re-printed, please bring your confirmation letter and a photo ID to the on-site Exhibitor & Customer Service Desk.

Registration Switch/Substitution Policy

If you are unable to attend Fresh Summit, you can send a substitute in your place.  In order to update the registration and badge to your replacement's name, the person replacing you must present the original badge when mailed, a photo ID and business card at the on-site Exhibitor & Customer Service Desk.  Only one name switch will be made for a mailed badge.  If your replacement arrives without the badge when mailed, he/she will be charged the cost of a new registration.  Once a badge is printed on-site, the badge cannot be switched to someone else's name.

Badge Mailing Policy

Badges will be mailed to attendees located in the Continental U.S. that requested it during the registration process by September 12, 2021.  Anyone registering after September 12, 2021 will need to pick their badge up onsite.

Onsite Badge Pickup

Badges can only be picked up by the attendee listed on the badge.

For those attendees whose badges are not mailed, a barcode will be sent via email to expedite badge pick-up in New Orleans at a Badge Pick-Up Desk.

Onsite Registration Policy

After October 15, 2021 all registrations will need to be processed on-site. A photo ID & business card are required to register on site for the show.

Privacy Policy

Your data privacy and security are important to us. When you register for this event, PMA will process your data in accordance with our legitimate interests for hosting an industry event. PMA event attendee lists are available to all attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors for each event. The lists are available for up to one year after the event. Delivery vehicles vary depending on event and may include virtual and/or mobile application(s).  Please review our privacy policy, including how to exercise your rights under the GDPR.

Liability Clause

I agree to follow all PMA Rules and Regulations and assume all risks associated with, resulting from, or arising in connection with, attendance at the Event and/or participation in Event-related activities, including, without limitation, all risks of theft, loss, harm, damage, illness or sickness (including those caused by infectious or communicable disease such as COVID-19, H1N1, or other illness or sickness caused by viruses), or injury to the person (including death), whether caused by negligence, intentional act, accident, act of God, or otherwise, and whether occurring before, during or after the Event, as the case may be. I agree that neither PMA nor its agents, officers, directors, members, contractors or employees shall be liable for illness, sickness or injuries to the person (including death) resulting from, occurring at or arising out of the Event or any Event-related activities or for any indirect, incidental, consequential, special, punitive or exemplary damages; and releases and discharges such persons and entities from, and covenants not to sue such persons and entities with respect to, any and all risks, injuries, losses, damages and liabilities described herein.