October 27-29, 2022

Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Shipping Labels

Labeling and Shipment Packing Tips 

  1. Place labels directly on boxes and then shrink-wrap. Place a shipping label on EVERY box in case your pallets are opened during shipping. 
  2. Be sure that labels are clearly visible on each pallet. For easy identification, you should place at least one sticker on each side of each box that faces the outside of the pallet. 
  3. NEVER mix booth freight and perishable product on the same skid. 
  4. Do not use the refrigerated storage labels on any crated or boxed dry booth freight or on product being sent to the caterer for booth sample preparation. Use the catering shipping label
  5. Label your refrigerated booth product with the appropriate color-coded product delivery labels to indicate the day you want that product taken out of refrigerated storage for delivery to your booth. 
  6. If you do not require refrigerated storage and wish for your product to be delivered directly to your booth upon arrival, use the "Do Not Refrigerate" labels. 
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