2019 Booth Rates

What are the payment requirements?

Payment Requirements:
Returning PMA Member exhibitors participating in Virtual Booth Assignments may pay a $1,500 deposit with the remainder due by April 15, 2019. New exhibitors or returning exhibitors that do not participate in Virtual Booth Assignments will be required to pay for the booth in full at the time of application.

Please Note: In order to qualify for the member rate, your company must be a PMA member at the time your Booth Space Application is submitted, and at the time of Fresh Summit. Not a PMA member? Go here to learn about PMA member benefits and join today!

Member Rate: $39.00 per square foot
Non-member Rate: $78.00 per square foot

Feet Meters Member Non-Member
10x10 3x3 US$3,900 US$7,800
10x20 3x6 US$7,800 US$15,600
10x30 3x9 US$11,700 US$23,400
10x40 3x12 US$15,600 US$31,200
10x50 3x15 US$19,500 US$39,000
10x60 3x18 US$23,400 US$46,800
10x70 3x21 US$27,300 US$54,600
10x80 3x24 US$31,200 US$62,400
20x20 6x6 US$15,600 US$31,200
20x30 6x9 US$23,400 US$46,800
20x40 6x12 US$31,200 US$62,400
20x50 6x15 US$39,000 US$78,000
20x60 6x18 US$46,800 US$93,600
30x30 9x9 US$35,100 US$70,200
30x40 9x12 US$46,800 US$93,600
30x50 9x15 US$58,500 US$117,000
40x50 12x15 US$78,000 US$156,000
50x50 15x15 US$97,500 US$195,000
50x80 15x24 US$156,000 US$312,000


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