2020 Booth Rates

What are the payment requirements?

Payment Requirements:
Companies that exhibiting in 2019  and are PMA Members only pay a $1,500 deposit with full payment due by April 15, 2020.

If you did not exhibit in 2019 or are a non-member, payment is due in full at the time of application.

Booth Assignments:
Booths will be assigned in late-January/early-February based on priority point order, for returning 2019 exhibitors.  Non-returning exhibitors and applications received after December 12 will be assigned based on the date that the application with payment is received.

Please Note: In order to qualify for the member rate, your company must be a PMA member at the time your 2020 Booth Space Application is submitted, and at the time of Fresh Summit. Not a PMA member? Go here to learn about PMA member benefits and join today!

PMA Member Rate: US$40 per square foot
Non-Member Rate: US$80 per square foot

Feet Meters Member Non-Member
10x10 3x3 US$4,000 US$8,000
10x20 3x6 US$8,000 US$16,000
10x30 3x9 US$12,000 US$24,000
10x40 3x12 US$16,000 US$32,000
10x50 3x15 US$20,000 US$40,000
10x60 3x18 US$24,000 US$48,000
10x70 3x21 US$28,000 US$56,000
10x80 3x24 US$32,000 US$64,000
20x20 6x6 US$16,000 US$32,000
20x30 6x9 US$24,000 US$48,000
20x40 6x12 US$32,000 US$64,000
20x50 6x15 US$40,000 US$80,000
20x60 6x18 US$48,000 US$96,000
30x30 9x9 US$36,000 US$72,000
30x40 9x12 US$48,000 US$96,000
30x50 9x15 US$60,000 US$120,000
40x50 12x15 US$80,000 US$160,000
50x50 15x15 US$100,000 US$200,000
50x80 15x24 US$160,000 US$320,000



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Kyle McMillan

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