Tips From the Judges

Incorporating Product As Much As Possible

  • It’s important to incorporate samples of your products into your exhibit,
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    when possible. Make it interactive by allowing attendees to see, touch, smell and taste your products. Have a company representative near the hired staff or chefs  to engage with visitors and start a more in-depth conversation.
  • No products? No problem. Use benefit statements in your signage that will make attendees want to stop and chat with you. Have easily readable copy that says how you can help your customers fix a common problem, save money, time or increase sales or profits. Putting it in terms of what is important to them is what will draw visitors to your exhibit.

Strong Messaging

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Don’t forget to communicate who you are and what you do. 
Even if you already have a strong brand identity, don't miss out on the opportunity to remind current and potential customers why you're the best at what you offer. This is still a competitive environment, so you should constantly be communicating the benefits and features of your company, products, or services to help attendees better understand what makes you different and how you can help them.

Staffing 101

Since 85% of your success is dependent staff performance, it’s important they have the knowledge and tools they need to be successful. Standout exhibits included staffers who were excited to be there, well rested, on the aisle, and ready to greet and engage visitors headed their way. 

Make sure your staffers are easy to identify. Company name tags and/or matching attire make you more approachable and give a polished look to the exhibit. Staffers that had unique “uniform” type clothing that matched the exhibit or theme stood out, as it helped to brand them and identify them to others. Staff uniforms that included black or dark shirts didn’t stand out quite as well unless the company logo was bright or large enough to “pop off” the dark background.

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Actively engage visitors. Encourage staffers to stand out toward the aisle in an open and inviting stance. Staffers who stand with their backs to the aisle, with their arms crossed or with their hands in their pockets send a negative non-verbal message. Additionally, staffers who spend their time talking to each other or who are busy on their phones or iPads give off an unwelcoming “don’t bother” me signal to visitors.

There's no need to over-staff. Two to three staffers per 100 square feet of space is more than enough, unless you have a special promotion or activity in your exhibit that requires additional staff. Also, be sure to have an onsite contact list available at all times, in case you need to get a hold of a specific staff member during the show. 

Get Creative with your Booth Display

Dress it Up! Standout exhibits used designs that presented a unique booth
environment such as a café, beach, store front, living room, or other inviting setting. Others found creative ways to showcase their products, such as produce bouquets, products carved into interesting shapes, or other fun arrangements. A little creativity can take even a 10 x 10 space to the next level. 

Lighten Up! Lighting really does help to not only to make your booth stand out, but can effectively highlight important messages, displays, or activities taking place in the exhibit.

Open Up! Creating an open, warm and inviting space is key. Give visitors the opportunity to come in to your space (particularly with inline exhibits) so they can engage with your staff, interact with your products, and walk away with a memorable experience.

And Don't Forget to Look Down – We love to see exhibits getting creative with their flooring options. We saw several exhibits made to look like hard wood floors.  Many coordinated their floor with the look and design of their booth, which was not only creative but completed the theme. This totally sets you apart and can completely transform the feel of your exhibit.


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