Booth assignments & Cancellation Policies

2020 Booth Assignments

Returning 2019 exhibitors who apply before December 12 will have the benefit of being part of the early booth assignments, which will occur via teleconference in late-January/early February in priority point order. Appointment times will be emailed in mid-December.

All non-returning exhibitors as well as anyone who applies after December 12 will be assigned based on the order in which applications with full payment are received.

Booth Selection & Segmentation Guidelines


  • A maximum of 50 feet of exhibit space may be reserved along central broadway and/or at expo entrances regardless of the length of the booth (which could be more than 50 feet) or number of affiliated companies sharing the space.
  • Additional space may be reserved directly behind that booth OR 50 feet off central broadway/expo entrances.
  • Based upon the overall status of booth sales and booth sizes needed by subsequent exhibitors, the guideline regarding booths that are 50 feet off the broadway/expo entrances may be reduced, so that all available expo space can be sold.
  • No island booths are permitted in the First-Time Exhibitor Pavilion, due to limited space.
  • Any island booth whose width is less than half its length will be oriented with the shortest side facing broadway. For example, the 20 foot side of a 20x50 booth would face broadway.

Selecting Your Booth Location/Segment:
The expo will be segmented into marketplaces (NOT commodity based), all still within one contiguous space. This provides greater opportunity for you to connect with buyers and buyers with an easier, more efficient way to navigate the floor, with more time to see new and different products, services and companies.

Booth location assignments for returning exhibitors will be done in priority point order within the Marketplace your booth will be located, which is based on your company business type. If you qualify for multiple Marketplaces, you may choose to have separate booths in each or one booth in the Marketplace that is best aligned with your primary product/service. PMA will review and verify segments prior to booth assignments.

Expo Segments
For a full listing of individual product/service categories that fall under each segment, go here.

  1. Complementary Items Marketplace
    • Hard Goods/Ancillary: Includes items such as nuts, juices/beverages, salad dressings/toppings, dried fruit, candy, produce wash
  2. Solutions Marketplace
    • Supply Chain Logistics/Equipment
    • Broker
    • Merchandising
    • Media
    • Packaging
    • Science and Technology
    • Services
    • Training & Talent
    • Trade Development
  3. Floral Marketplace (all floral related products/services)
    • New for 2020: there will be a Floral First-Time Exhibitor Pavilion within this marketplace (note: all non-floral first-timers should select the regular first-time exhibitor pavilion)
  4. Produce Marketplace
    • Fruits
    • Vegetables
    • Distributor: Includes Wholesale, Foodservice and Exotic/Specialty produce
  5. First-Time Exhibitors
    • First time exhibitors from any business type EXCEPT floral may be part of the First-Time Exhibitor Pavilion, which is located within the Produce Marketplace. All first-time floral companies will be located in a First-Timer Pavilion located within the Floral Marketplace.

New in 2020: A Retail Solutions Pavilion inside the Produce Marketplace has been created for retailers to easily find the equipment and technology they need to bring their produce aisle to life. A company may be eligible to be part of this pavilion if Retailers are their primary customer and they are showcasing products such as merchandising solutions, signage/decor, or retail technologies that a retailer would directly purchase from them. To verify eligibility, contact Colleen McDonnell.

Booth Sharing and Pavilions

There are two options for companies that wish to exhibit with other affiliated companies/brands: "Booth Sharing" or creating a "Pavilion."

In order to “Booth Share” or create a “Pavilion,” a minimum of 100 sq. ft. of space must be reserved for each company that will participate, and companies/brands must be affiliated in one of the following ways:

  • Government Agency or Department
  • Promotional Organization (domestic or global promotional organization that will have other fruit, vegetable, or floral related organizations exhibiting in your booth)
  • Cooperative/Coalition  and/or Marketing/Branding Agreement (ie. contractually affiliated brands)
  • Divisions or subsidiaries of exhibiting company
  • Grouped by a product or interest area (such as machinery, a state or region)

The primary differences between the two options are who will assume financial responsibility for the booth space and how priority points are used to determine the order in which the booth location will be selected during virtual booth assignments (for those who participate).

  • Booth Sharing – the company that completes the booth application maintains financial liability for the total space rented, and invoicing/payment of booth space shall be between your company and PMA only. The order of booth selection is based on the number of points held by the company submitting the application only.

  • Pavilions – each participant within the pavilion completes a booth application and maintains financial liability for only their portion of the total pavilion. Companies MUST plan in advance if they wish to participate in a pavilion. Each individual participant's application must include the pavilion name, total space required and booth location preferences agreed upon by all participants in advance. Pavilions will have the opportunity to change the total space they require during virtual booth assignments and through the cancellation/downsizing deadline of April 15. Review the “Awarding Points to Pavilions” section of “How Priority Points are Awarded” to learn how points are used to determine the order in which a pavilion will select exhibit space.

If your company will be “Booth Sharing,” on the booth application you will have the ability to choose how you wish to manage booth benefits and expo communications.

  • Option 1: All communications/benefits will go ONLY to the primary contact listed on the booth application including: booth invoices, badge mailings, logistical emails and access to register booth personnel badges, trade show only passes, and the full attendee list. The primary contact will be responsible for sending/allotting all communication and benefits to those companies “sharing” their space.

  • Option 2: All communications/benefits, except the booth invoice, will go to EACH of the individual companies “sharing” the booth space. In order to select this option, each affiliated company/brand must be assigned a specific area within your total booth with a unique booth number (based on your instructions), so that they may order booth services directly from vendors, manage their own allotment of booth personnel badges and complimentary expo invitations, receive badge mailings and logistical emails, and have access to the full attendee list.

Cancellations & Downsizing

Any company submitting written notice of cancellation of all or any portion of exhibit space on or before April 15, shall receive a refund of all fees paid, minus a $150 processing fee. After April 15, no refunds for full or partial space cancellations will be issued. Any booth with an outstanding balance after April 15 is subject to release and all corresponding benefits will be forfeited.

Changes in booth sizes (increases or downsizes) can affect the ability to keep your booth in its existing location. PMA cannot guarantee a booth location should your booth size change. The booth size you are requesting, layout of the show floor and booths surrounding that location will determine if relocation is necessary. All efforts will be made to avoid relocation and all booth size/location options will be discussed with exhibitor prior to relocation.

How Priority Points Work

Priority Points are used to determine the order in which current exhibitors select booth space for next year.  Points are based on an annual term beginning August 1 through July 31 and will be reset each year.

Priority Points are awarded in three categories and are based on the participation of the exhibiting company(s) who holds the contract with PMA only:

  1. Fresh Summit Exhibitor Loyalty
    • Earn 2 Priority Points for each year exhibiting in Fresh Summit.
    • Additional Priority Points will be awarded when a company reaches key milestones:

      • 25 years as an exhibitor: 5 bonus points
      • 50 years: 10 bonus points
      • 75 years: 15 bonus points

  2. PMA Member Loyalty
    • Earn 1 Priority Point for each consecutive year of membership (if membership lapses, Priority Point count resets)
  3. Participation with PMA and the Center for Growing Talent by PMA
    • Earn 1 Priority Point for every US $3,000 paid and received by PMA.
    • Areas of participation for the exhibiting company holding the booth contract with PMA include:

      • Event registrations for any PMA and/or Center for Growing Talent event
      • Participation in any PMA exposition
      • Sponsorship or advertising with PMA and/or Center for Growing Talent event
      • PMA Foundation campaign contributions
      • Contribution to PMA’s Gold Circle program
      • Miscellaneous other participation (Fresh Ideas Showcase spaces, badge purchases, etc.)

Awarding Points to Pavilions
Priority points for companies that indicate they will be part of a pavilion on their booth application shall be awarded as follows:

  • Companies within the pavilion will individually earn points in all three categories as outlined above (based on each submitting a separate booth application)
  • Total pavilion points will be calculated by adding together:

    • points from the company with the longest “Fresh Summit Exhibitor Loyalty”
    • points from the company with the longest “PMA Member Loyalty” and

  • • points from the company with the greatest “Participation”
  • Total pavilion points may be made up of points from just one company or up to three separate companies

In this example, Pavilion A would have a total of 35 points:

Pavilion A Fresh Summit Exhibitor Loyalty PMA Member Loyalty Participation
Company 1 10 10 5
Company 2 15 9 4
Company 3 5 5 10
Company 4 2 2 1

Awarding points for Complimentary Booths or those from Trade Out Agreements

  • Complimentary booth space will be assigned at the conclusion of virtual booth assignments.
  • Booths provided to an organization as part of a Trade Out agreement will be awarded Priority Points in all three categories. Category 3 (Participation with PMA and the Center for Growing Talent by PMA) will be based upon the trade value agreed upon in the agreement, as well as any additional participation with PMA throughout the year.

Transferring Points Credit to Another Company

Credit for each of the three award categories may be transferred from one exhibiting company to another within the set annual award period under the following circumstances:

  • If one exhibiting company acquires another member/exhibiting company or
  • If a merger occurs between two member/exhibiting companies.

Determination of credit will be made on a case-by-case basis and will be based on the specific terms of the acquisition and/or merger.


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