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2016 Exhibitors

Transportation Management Software

ALC Logistics, software division of Allen Lund Company, provides web-based Transportation Management Software designed and customized specifically for the produce industry. Built on Enterprise Class Oracle systems and IBM system compatible, all TMS applications are hosted in a fully secured, SaaS/Cloud Architecture backed by Disaster Recovery Systems. 

Crop Protection Products

Bayer’s Crop Science division is the third largest innovative agricultural input company in the world. We help make the agricultural economy more productive thus contributing to society by helping to ensure an ample supply of high-quality food, feed, fiber and renewable raw materials.

Mobile Post Harvest Pre-cooling

ColdPICK brings innovative mobile pre-cooling solutions to the fresh harvest agricultural industry. Temperature is the most important factor influencing the quality of harvested commodities; making post-harvest pre-cooling one of the most important aspects of cold supply chain management. Cooling high and medium respiration produce quickly on site improves their quality and shelf life. Portable and easy-to-use; ColdPICK Mobile Pre-coolers take the cold chain directly to the harvest site.

Hardware and Software Systems for Adaptive Irrigation Management

CropX provides the world’s most advanced adaptive irrigation software service, delivers dramatic crop yield increase, and water and energy cost savings, while conserving the environment. CropX generates daily, accurate, hassle-free irrigation maps through the use of self-installed soil moisture probes. CropX is led by a team of top scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs with a track record of identifying and commercializing disruptive technologies.

Harvest-to-Harvest, a Liquid Fertilizer & Soil Amendment Made from Recycled Organics

California Safe Soil converts food from supermarkets that can no longer be sold or donated into a nutrient-rich liquid fertilizer – Harvest-to-Harvest™ (H2H). The product is made by mechanically grinding, heating, and enzymatically digesting the food in a 3 hour process. H2H captures food energy and delivers it directly to the root zone through fertigation. It is food-safe and provides the plants with a high organic matter and low C:N product, feeding soil biology and stimulating plant growth.

Precision Data Collection for Hand Harvested Crops

Actionable precision data collection improving productivity for handpicked crops. Combining production tracking, payroll and traceability into a single platform with low burden technology and meaningful analytic services.

Produce Rule Compliance

Produce Rule compliance made easy via Freshability's software platform and mobile technologies.

Multiple Hurdle Disinfection Processing

Fresh Appeal is a highly innovative organization at the forefront of fresh-cut processing. Fresh Appeal Ltd’s research and development has focused on disruptive innovation to develop sophisticated technology with empathy for the product and a focus on food safety. Unique to Fresh Appeal is our patented UV-C disinfection step which results in extended product life with superior quality at the end of shelf life. We supply the fresh-cut industry purpose built, turn-key processing equipment. 

Pooling Black Plastic Pallet, 48"x 40"x 5.62", 9 Block, Full 4-way, 48.5 lbs., Embedded RFID, Edge Rackable 2,800 lbs.

iGPS is dedicated to being the industry leader of innovative, world-class supply chain solutions leveraging sustainable, intelligent shipping platforms while achieving unmatched value for our customers, investors, and employees.

HarvestMark Traceability and Quality software

HarvestMark provides transparency and connection from the first to the last mile of the supply chain, enabling food producers and retailers to meet food safety requirements, build shopper loyalty, and optimize freshness and quality.

Software Tools

iFoodDecisionSciences products simplify data collection and management using anytime, anywhere accessible software tools. Whether collecting food safety or quality control data, the iFood Software as a Service (SaaS) tools enable growers, packers, processors and others to securely, collect, manage and analyze data: and receive real time alerts. iFood services include the use of advanced data analytic software tools to uncover opportunities for process efficiency and cost improvements.



Discuss your supply chain visibility or produce traceability issues, and see how the latest information technology and ERP solutions from LINKFRESH could help. LINKFRESH’s ERP solutions are designed by fresh produce industry specialists to provide flexible solutions for the challenges and needs faced by produce supply chain businesses in an increasingly global industry. LINKFRESH ERP is built on the world-class Microsoft Dynamics platform and is available now for Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX. 

Lotpath Quality

Lotpath Quality is the web and mobile app for performing fresh produce inspections and monitoring product quality throughout the supply chain. Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones and tablets.

Technology for Agriculture, utilizing LoRAWAN technology

MultiTech designs, develops and manufactures communications equipment for the internet of things - connecting physical assets to business processes to deliver enhanced value. Our history of innovation, commitment to quality and service excellence means you can count on MultiTech people and products to address your needs. 

Refrigeration Solutions

National Resource Management implements state-of-the-art controls and automation solutions, with a unique focus on commercial refrigeration. Cloud-based software and analytics enable visibility, control and early detection of refrigeration problems and alarms from a single dashboard.  Our solution underpins food safety programs, eliminates product loss and reduces facility energy usage by as much as 30%.

Cold Chain Monitoring

PakSense provides solutions to modernize temperature monitoring in your supply chain, whether you are preparing for upcoming FSMA regulations or simply want to employ sophisticated yet affordable technologies to help ensure the quality and safety of your products. Our automated and cellular solutions address in-transit, facility monitoring, last mile, and import/exports. Modular in nature, they can be bolted on to each other, providing overarching visibility of your cold chain. PakSense is your source for continuous monitoring solutions under one umbrella.

Smart Transportation Pallets

PalleTech connects pallets to the cloud by replacing the central plank of the pallet. The new central plank has embedded electronics in it, which collects the data about temperature, humidity, shocks, drops, tilts, and location. The pallets sends the data into the cloud for further analysis and visualization. The pallet also generates reports to satisfy the FSMA requirements. Other benefits include indoor positioning, inventory management, and security aspect of your cargo.

PerfoTec Respiration Control System for MAP Packaging

We show a respiration meter to measure how fast produce is respiring. Combined with an online laser to perforate the packaging online to reduce the respiration and extend the shelf life of your produce. Respiration varies widely, so being able to measure it allows you to manage it. In addition, new Liner Bags allow moisture vapor to pass through while sealing your produce in MAP. This delivers unbelievable quality and shelf life during transit or storage.

Web-based Management, Inventory and Traceability Software is an inventory management and traceability software, powered by RedLine Solutions, and designed for grower shippers & distributors of fresh produce. operates across hardware platforms and enables electronic management of bulk and finished inventory in real-time. The system also manages order processing, shipping, receiving, recall information, traceability requirements, label printing, and reporting functions. Customers can purchase ruggedized Android mobile computers, which operate seamlessly with the system, and enable fast error free data capture and processing.

Pathogen Detection in Produce

Roka Bioscience is dedicated to developing rapid, highly accurate molecular assays and instrument systems for the Food Safety Industry. The Atlas® System represents a new tier of molecular rapid pathogen testing, offering automation and technology that brings true walk-away convenience and workflow advantages to the laboratory. Roka is focused on testing solutions that help manufacturers mitigate risks, protect their brands, and meet the increasing testing demands now and for years to come.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

RSM is a leading provider of Microsoft Solutions built for Produce. RSM leverages the Microsoft Dynamics ERP platforms to deliver end-to-end supply chain and customer engagement solutions for Produce. From grower accounting to advanced lot trace and more, RSM has built solution sets that help Produce companies streamline their technology solutions onto single platforms that are dynamic, flexible and ready for modern business. 

Source Assurance & Sanitation Validation

SafeTraces offers two revolutionary food safety solutions: (1) a complete source assurance solution based on edible, invisible, tasteless barcodes that can be applied directly on or in food to assure and authenticate the source. (2) a breakthrough food safety solution that is based on food safe, non-living particles that behave under sanitation or wash conditions as pathogens and can be used to validate, verify and monitor washing, cleaning and sanitation of product, facilities and equipment.

TempTale GEO

Sensitech Inc. is a leading provider of supply and cold chain visibility solutions, serving global leaders in the food, life sciences, and industrial markets. Customers can track, monitor, and protect the quality and integrity of their temperature-sensitive products across complex supply chains. Through our logistics security division, FreightWatch International, we provide real-time cargo transparency, helping customers mitigate risks such as theft, diversion, and chain of custody. 

Aerial Imagery and Forecasting

TerrAvion is introducing a subscription offering targeted at improving produce agronomy, through visual control, and forecasting by mapping fields at the individual plant level.

Soil biohealth

We build predictive insights from soil microbial communities to empower farmers to take actions for reducing disease, increasing sustainability and informing decision making. We are delivering a full stack solution (soil to report) for soil microbial assessment. Our genomics and analytics platform assesses the soil for a panel of agriculturally relevant pathogens and beneficials to deliver a disease risk report and soil biohealth profile at pre-planting and in the context of field trials.

Food Processing and Automation Systems

Turatti North America is the distributor of Turatti Group in USA, Canada and Mexico. The group provides a comprehensive range of competencies enabling the processors to add quality, safety and value to their food products. Turatti supplies standard machines and tailor-made systems, constantly investing to improve the quality and performance by a combination of know-how and innovation. The North American Facility, located in Salinas (CA) manages the sales, services and spare parts for the group.

Sensing Systems for Commercial Ag.

WaterBit develops the highest performance soil sensors and accompanying analytics for enhanced decision support. With the ability to ingest and leverage additional information (crop models, weather and others) the resulting decision support capabilities are cost-effective, scalable, and relevant.

Wexus Energy Efficiency Software Platform for Ag

Energy bills can be confusing. Wexus puts growers in charge of their energy costs and usage by automatically tracking your energy data. Our mobile and desktop software platform with recommendations, reports and alerts helps you stay on top of your energy costs in the office and in the field. Save money, save time and reduce risk to your growing operations with Wexus.

Food Safety Testing Technology & Laboratories; Chemicals and Biologics for Yield Improvement and Enhanced Food Safety

Xgenex offers a suite of advanced solutions to improve water management, increase crop yields, implement pathogen interventions, perform laboratory testing in ISO accredited facilities, and advanced technology for food testing. Our network of service centers provides coverage across the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Learn more at or talk with us today to schedule a no-cost assessment of resources available to solve your most challenging operational concerns.

Tech Start-up Pavilion

Bringing innovative entrepreneurs together with farmers to develop creative solutions to the biggest challenges facing agriculture. 

Transforming innovations into solutions that elevate economic opportunities and make lives better for people around the world. 

Dedicated to connecting innovators in food, agriculture & IT. Featuring:

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