PMA A-NZ Fresh Hackathon

PMA A-NZ are delighted to invite you to participate in the first PMA A-NZ Fresh Hackathon to be held in conjunction with Hort Connections 2019 on June 24 from 12.30pm-5.00pm.

This event will enable you to think creatively - and in a very robust and intense way - about 1 of 4 topics of huge relevance to our industry. Namely:
1. What would be the most responsible industry-wide initiative that would move us towards more sustainable packaging?
2. What is the next initiative that could move the dial in F&V consumption?
3. As an industry, how do we improve the adoption of digital technologies for greater efficiency?
4. What initiatives can the produce industry put in place to better prevent food safety incidents?

You will work in small groups for the afternoon and then have the opportunity of working with an Innovation Consultant, learning and applying tools from some of the best creative methods (Design Thinking, Systematic Inventive Thinking, Lean). 

Teams will pitch the best ideas from each focus area to a panel of industry leaders and compete for The Award, with select ideas and opportunities receiving ongoing support from PMA A-NZ through connection and engagement.

If you are keen to get involved, please commit fast and select the topic you’d like to work on. Limited places are available so register now. If you are a PMA A-NZ member please follow the link below to register, which includes focus area selection.

If you are not a member but would like to be involved, please submit an expression of interest detailing who you are, what you do and why you should be at the PMA A-NZ Fresh Hackathon. 

Please note preference in participation will be given to PMA A-NZ members, with all other expressions being based on the merit of the expression of interest.

To become a PMA ANZ member more information about can be found here



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