Webinar: Mapping Data

In this 30-minute webinar, we will be joined by Co-founder and CEO of AgKonect, Dr Pete Whittle, to discuss the opportunities and challenges of capturing, analysing and using data at the production end of the fresh produce supply chain. More specifically, how important (if at all), big data analytics, AI and machine learning elements are in managing the problems and how AgKonect technology is helping to address them.

This webinar follows the PMA A-NZ Technology & Innovation Focus Event, to be held on the 22nd of August in Brisbane. The event will bring together a number of speakers to explore the role of big data, AI and machine learning in the fresh produce and floral industries.
Date: Monday 2nd September
Time: 10am AEST, 12pm NZST
Cost: Free
Location: Webinar - Zoom

Dr Pete Whittle – CEO and Cofounder of AgKonect

During 34 years working in various agricultural science roles, Dr Pete Whittle understands well the value of data and the challenges of capturing, analysing and using it to greatest effect. From the 1970s, computing has evolved from mainframes and the first PCs, to cloud-based computing on mobile smart devices, with software capabilities unimagined in those early days. The usual adoption curve has moved like a frame across the agricultural supply chain, with some participants fully engaged in Agriculture 4.0, but many others using systems that are either old or ageing. From working in applied research and various biosecurity roles, Pete was acutely aware that everything in agriculture occurs at a time and place, hence spatial information is an essential part of agricultural data. He founded AgKonect in 2017 with his friend Barry Sullivan, a field data expert, using the world-leading, Brisbane-based Konect mobile data platform to help bring agriculture businesses into Agriculture 4.0.



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