Supply Chain Management Executive Program

Lifting your supply chain to become a competitive weapon.
A five-day program for produce industry executives and managers.

Program Objectives
Participants in this program will gain capability to more effectively design, conduct and improve your produce supply chains. The supply chain is the heart of what drives competitiveness and business performance, being related to cost, quality, delivery, service, flexibility, agility and innovation.

Regardless of each firm’s position in the chain – genetics, grower, packer, input supplier, processor, wholesaler, retailer, or food service operator – an appreciation of the whole chain dynamics is critical to success. It is no longer sufficient just to manage the firm: supply chain’s importance will increase with the application of a raft of new technologies such as The Internet of Things, Big Data, and Blockchain.

Participants in this program will be able to understand and improve their supply chain, business and operational capabilities and outcomes as a result of knowing and applying cutting-edge approaches.

Program processes
This program will be conducted in three phases:

Phase 1. (February 4-6, 2019):
An initial three full days of residential workshops and sessions will provide an overview of practical concepts of supply chain management. These will include facility location, transport/ logistics, inventory planning and management, technology advances and choices, supply and demand forecasting and supply chain strategy considerations.

Phase 2:
Guided by industry experts, participants will conduct a project within their business that applies one or more supply chain concepts, fleshing out the feasibility for such improvements to be applied in their practical setting.

Phase 3. (April 4-5, 2019):
Two further days of workshops to share project findings and an expert-led executive workshop day on innovation in supply chain management and leadership.

Who should attend

This program is specifically designed for managers who are responsible for their organisation’s operations, supply functions, procurement, transport, or other aspects of production, distribution and supply, related to produce. This includes:

  • General managers of produce firms, retailers, producers, transport and logistics businesses, etc.
  • Operations managers
  • Those with a stake in the performance management of produce supply chains and businesses
  • Supply coordinators, distribution managers and others who make decisions about supply functions
  • Analysts within businesses wishing to drive improvement of supply and business outcomes
  • Procurement function managers and others who are keen to drive forward the effectiveness of the supply chains that they are involved in. 

Core topics being covered
We will introduce topics associated with supply chain effectiveness and apply them to our industry context, including:

  • Relating business strategy to operations and supply and key measures of outcomes and vice versa.
  • Tools and techniques for mapping and designing supply chains.
  • Building lean and agile supply chains to increase resilience.
  • Insights into global megatrends and core principles of excellent organisations and their impact on supply chains.
  • Customer satisfaction and expectations management as part of best practices.
  • Understanding the digital era and how to leverage technology to improve – and transform – supply chain operations.
  • Ability to improve inventory management and demand and supply planning to improve customer satisfaction and maximise profit while reducing rework, rejects and waste.
  • Relationship management along the supply chain.
  • Forecasting and demand planning.
  • Innovation as a key ongoing driver of supply chain and business success.

Participant outcomes
You will achieve:

  1. Detailed capability based on sound knowledge and frameworks of how to effectively design or improve produce supply chains that maximise customer satisfaction and operational/ business performance outcomes.
  2. Understanding of specific topics such as inventory management, performance measurement and management, supply chain waste reduction and new technology introduction.
  3. Decision making capability that accounts for both risk and return in an integrated manner.
  4. Capability to introduce effective innovation management processes and capability into your organisation and supply chain.
  5. Broad understanding of ‘best practices’ in supply chain management, including customer focus, employee management and leadership effectiveness.
  6. Accomplishment of your specific project aimed at delivering a practical result to be implemented in your business/ supply chain.

Program Director/Staff
Professor Danny Samson will direct and conduct the sessions on this program. He is Program Director of the University of Melbourne’s Master of Supply Chain Management and has worked as an executive educator, consultant, researcher, board member and engineer across a variety of industries, studying best practices in operations and supply chain management in a variety of industries, over 30 years. Danny’s most recent book is on the subject of Innovation.

Michael O’Keeffe will support both the program sessions and project work.

A limited number of guest presenters will present on specialist topics.

Program Location
The venue is the Executive Education Facility at Melbourne Business School, located at the University of Melbourne in Carlton, Victoria. The program is residential for those wishing to stay in the facilities, and includes meals, private room facilities, materials etc.

PMA A-NZ Member: $5,200 + GST
Non-Members: $5,900 + GST
*10% discount applied to bookings of 3 or more participants.

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For further information on the PMA A-NZ Supply Chain Management Executive program, please contact Professor Danny Samson on 03 8344 5344.


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