Tracking Crop Pathogens

In this next installment in the PMA A-NZ Technology & Innovation webinar series, we will be joined by Saron Berhane and Lewis Collins of BioScout, to discuss the technology and innovations enabling us to track crop diseases. Saron and Lewis will share their insights on the problem of monitoring and managing diseases in horticultural crops, how the technology they have developed is enabling BioScout to solve this problem and how significant big data analytics and machine learning elements are, in managing the problem.

With a changing climate and the evolving ability of diseases to tolerate current management methods, the role of technology in preventing and reducing crop damage is becoming increasingly essential.

Date:14 May
Time: 11am AEST, 1pm NZST
Cost: Free
Location: Webinar - Zoom


Saron Berhane and Lewis Collins

Saron and Lewis are 2 out of 4 members of the founding team of BioScout, a VC-funded start-up that is commercializing PhD research from the University of Sydney. BioScout builds real-time disease detection sensors that can be used by growers and agronomists to track the location and species of diseases in a paddock to better manage disease impact on yield and improve spray regimes. Lewis is a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney and has a background in agricultural robotics and systems engineering. Saron is a First Class Honours engineering graduate and microbiologist who has a keen interest in epidemiology and disease identification. They are currently deploying to multiple farms across Australia and are working to create a national disease monitoring network.


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