Growing the Pie - Using Technology to Increase Demand

Imagine if you could know exactly when to pick your fruit or vegetables to make sure your customers have a great eating experience every time they purchase it. Imagine how that could accelerate repeat purchases and even double consumer demand. What if you could set minimum maturity standards so your produce consistently delights your customers, and implement a process to help you achieve that?

Mark Loeffen, from Delytics Ltd, works with primary sector businesses and industries to optimise the eating quality and repeat purchases of their produce. He will outline in this webinar how he helped the New Zealand Citrus Industry almost double consumer demand for navel oranges in one season and share some steps that you can take to achieve a similar result. The starting point is to benchmark the consumer acceptability of your produce at retail – but knowing that by itself is not enough. Mark will explain how linking the eating quality measurements of your crops with consumer liking research will help you determine how customers will respond to your fruit and vegetables even before it is harvested – and what you can do to start increasing consumer acceptability at retail if it’s not where you want it to be now.

Date: October 30

Time: 10am AEDT


Mark Loeffen

Managing Director, Delytics

Mark Loeffen is a skilled crop quality and analytics specialist who enjoys working with forward-thinking primary sector industries and brand owners to increase consumer demand. In 2012 Mark established Delytics Ltd to help primary producers optimise their crop quality, repeat purchases and consumer acceptance. Currently leading a project for Hort Innovation Australia on improving Australian table grape eating quality, other key achievements include: • Helping the New Zealand Citrus industry increase the consumer acceptance of navel oranges from 67% to 96% in one season. • Creating world-leading harvest prediction tools for Zespri International’s gold kiwifruit and helping them set minimum quality standards. • Helping the UK-based James Hutton Institute research organisation develop a new breeding protocol to ensure the majority of their raspberries are liked by consumers. • Helping Citrus Australia set national quality standards that have improved consumer acceptability at retail.


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