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Competing With the Chilean Export Market

The fruit sector encompasses over 9,000 growers and exporters and ships to more than 70 markets. Technological improvements enable new varieties, earlier crops, and improved quality and shelf life for exports. Ninety-four percent of Chilean exports go to markets with trade agreements.

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Understanding the Chilean Supply Chain Players

Chile is the largest fruit exporter in the Southern Hemisphere, accounting for 59 percent of fruit exports from that region. This article is a snapshot of the export supply chain players in Chile so those interested in sourcing from Chile or providing services to the Chilean export supply chain better understand the relevant players.

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Grapes on a Vine

Fruit and vegetable production in Chile

In recent years, Chile emerged as one of the most important stakeholders in the food industry worldwide. Chile is the largest exporter of blueberries, grapes, plums, and prunes.

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Chile Global Trade

Chile has a market-oriented economy. Chile’s location, climate and land create ideal conditions for fruit production, with staggered harvests over multiple seasons and fruit of unsurpassed quality compared to the rest of the world, and more than 65% of Chile’s horticulture production is exported.

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Consumers Drive Innovative Global Packaging Trends

Consumers Drive Innovative Global Packaging Trends

Technology is allowing us to develop packaging solutions that are more convenient, sustainable, and holistic. Demands for online purchases are allowing the industry to innovate in ways that did not seem possible a few years ago. New advances in packaging design, as well as in equipment and processing technologies, are creating a greater need for fully integrating communication across marketing, branding and packaging.

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