Floral Member Benefits

As the floral industry evolves, we keep you poised for growth. 

As a member of the floral supply chain, you need the vast opportunities that allow you to grow deeper roots within the industry. With a Produce Marketing Association membership, you’ll be part of a community that expands across the entire mass-market floral supply chain—and beyond.

Be part of something bigger than you. 

Without a doubt, the floral industry brings happiness, health and comfort to consumers. When your roots strengthen, your business grows healthier. Through community, the industry grows healthier. And ultimately, the world grows healthier and happier. By helping this industry thrive, we help the world thrive—one insight, one handshake, one leap forward at a time.

And your involvement makes it happen!

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At PMA, we incite growth by providing opportunities, knowledge and connections.

Membership helps you:

  • Expand your customer portfolio
  • Add new channels; explore new markets
  • Find new suppliers, diversify product offerings
  • Explore market trends to get ahead of competitors
  • Collaborate with existing customers to strengthen relationships
  • Make informed, knowledge-based decisions
  • Expertly and confidently navigate shifting industry dynamics
  • Know how to increase your bottom line, and have the means to actualize it

As a floral member, you will gain access to:

Keep up with what's new—in a way that fits your time-crunched schedule.  

Now, PMA offers the Focus on Floral: Industry Professionals Community, an exclusive, online forum just for PMA members in the floral industry, where you can engage with peers and industry thought leaders to share real-world business challenges, learn what’s new, and gain expert insights. Get quick answers to topical questions; engage in dynamic, peer-to-peer discussions on the latest trends or conference news or join in deep-dive discussions with industry leaders and influencers on what’s up next—and what you can do about it.

Contribute to—and benefit from—productive discussions.
The Focus on Floral Community on Facebook becomes your 365-day gateway to productive discussions with peers who understand your challenges and triumphs best.

Do you want to have community support at your fingertips? Join today.

Are you…

  •  Ready to uncover new business opportunities?
  • Striving to deeply understand new market trends—early enough to maximize on them?
  • Eager to broaden your network of resources, so you always have a go-to in a time of uncertainty?
  • Seeking advanced business solutions to help increase sales and operational efficiencies?

Yes? Then PMA has you covered!

PMA delivers connections, primary research, expert content, real-world know how and operational business expertise to the Floral Market supply chain, via a community-approach.

Because when we come together—we succeed!

Floral Expert

Becky Roberts

Becky Roberts

Director of Floral & New Initiatives

+1 (302) 607-2148

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Joe Don Zetzsche

If you're looking for a global community that truly focuses on the floral industry, then you'll find it with PMA. The insights. The connections. The resources. Not only will you realize an impressive ROI, if you're like most of our members you'll quickly consider PMA a key strategic partner.

Joe Don Zetzsche, Director of Floral, H-E-B, PMA Floral Council Chairman