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Tim Graas - Executive Director, Produce - Associated Wholesale Grocers

As a retailer, Tim looks for opportunities to find and develop new relationships with fresh produce suppliers. His PMA membership provides him with access to people and ideas to compete and grow his business—and those of his customers.

Check out Tim’s story and learn more about the resources we tailor to our members.

Miguel Usabiaga - President Mr. Lucky

PMA Membership is all About Community, Connections, and Growth

With more than three decades of experience, Mr. Lucky produces and distributes the highest quality of fresh produce to 15 countries, including the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe. In this video, Miguel Usabiaga describes how his hard-working family of 5,000 dedicated employees and PMA helped his operations grow. Join the PMA family and we'll find new ways to help grow your business.

Carlos Oramas - CEO and Co-Founder of Gems Group Inc.

PMA Provides a Community for the Mass-Market Floral Industry

With our help, Carlos Oramas, CEO and Co-Founder of Gems Group Inc., makes connections with suppliers, customers, and talent on a more personal level. Today, his business is thriving. Check out Carlos’ story and learn more about the resources we tailor to our members.

Andy Kennedy - Co-Founder FoodLogiQ

PMA membership connects tech providers to the produce industry

We help Andy Kennedy, co-founder of the innovative food sustainability company, FoodLogiQ, get the right global insights, education and contacts he needs to connect with the fresh produce industry and help his business grow. Check out Andy's story and learn more about our membership.

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