Gold Circle Case Study - JV Smith Companies

Describe your company in your own words, its mission, etc. Where is it located? How long has it been in operation? Where does it have growing operations? Number of employees? Are you family-owned, etc. 

As stewards of the land, JV Smith Companies recognizes and appreciates the ground that makes growing fresh, quality produce possible. Our team is dedicated to creating a natural growing environment with the least amount of impact to the earth. Located in Yuma, Arizona, we have 325 employees and have been a family owned operation since 1970.

How does your company make food safety a priority in its operations?

JV Smith Companies make food safety a priority in all aspects of operations by involving all of its employees. Food Safety has become an integral component of our daily functions.

Why is it important to support programs like PMA’s Gold Circle?

Supporting PMA’s Gold Circle program helps us with valuable food safety research and other outreach programs.

What value does your company get out of being a Gold Circle contributor?

Research is the key to implementing an efficient and effective food safety program. As a strong supporter of scientific research, JV Smith has collaborated with the University of Arizona and the Center for Produce Safety for several years. Through PMA’s Gold Circle program we have made stronger connections with industry peers and gained knowledge in food safety research.

What value has your company received from PMA’s resources on food safety?

PMA’s resources are of great value to our company because they provide us with expert guidance as well as the latest food safety updates. We have participated in the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) webinars and can reach out to PMA’s team of experts with any food safety questions.

Why would you encourage other companies to support the PMA Gold Circle program?

The Gold Circle Program is essential to our industry. The more contributors we have, the more funding is available for research and outreach programs within the industry.


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