Fresh Cut Quality and Safety

The Importance of Cold Chain

IFPA Webinar

Fresh cut fruit is one of the fastest growing sectors in Asia’s retail produce offerings. 

Continued growth for these products relies on effective management of the cold chain to ensure proper quality and safety of the fruit. This includes all the interconnected points within the supply chain from production, distribution, and storage. Join IFPA for a webinar about the importance of cold chain for fresh cut quality and safety.

Webinar Highlights

  1. The Sweet Science: Explore safety and quality considerations for fresh cut fruit.

  2. Cold Chain Chronicles: Unravel the mysteries of temperature control and freshness preservation.

  3. Walmart’s Insider Secrets: Learn how they conquer cold chain challenges.

  4. Fruit Fiesta: Celebrate the symphony of flavors and colors.

Simultaneously translated into mandarin


Natalie Dyenson
Chief Food Safety & Regulatory Officer


Zhongyang Liu
Food Safety Manager
Ecolab China


Becky Unwer
Senior Manager, Specialty Compliance and Ethics
Walmart US

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