Brand Considerations for Market Access

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IFPA Australia-New Zealand were pleased to host Matthew Crouch from SOTO Group, who delivered a webinar for IFPA members titled "Brand Considerations for Market Access". The webinar focussed on the critical role of branding in penetrating diverse markets, with a specific emphasis on Asia.

Matthew discussed the importance of tailoring branding decisions for Asian markets, understanding the nuances and cultural sensitivities that shape consumer perceptions.

Areas covered in the webinar:

  • Branding decisions tailored for Asian markets
  • Understanding cultural sensitivities and consumer perceptions
  • Real-life projects from SOTO Group showcasing strategies for resonating with audiences in Asia and Southeast Asia
  • Driving positive brand engagement and market penetration

In the webinar, Matthew provided practical case studies and supplied attendees post-event with a comprehensive "Asia Branding Do's and Don'ts" checklist, equipping attendees with essential insights for navigating the complexities of branding in the dynamic Asian landscape.


Matthew Crouch

Matthew Crouch
Group Creative Director 

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