Marketing fresh produce and floral has never been more exciting — or complicated. Today’s global, technology-driven, everything-customized, consumer marketplace makes it harder to master everything you need for successful marketing platforms.

To help you cope – even thrive – with this complexity, PMA leaders called for a high-level focus on marketing as we work toward our vision: Bringing together the global produce floral community to grow a healthier world.

Referred to as Demand Creation, this discipline doesn’t reinvent the marketing wheel. It’s a strategic framework of marketing fundamentals and PMA resources you can use as you create integrated marketing programs to build demand for produce and floral – greater sales for your company.

This strategic, integrated framework is called the 7 Pillars of Marketing Excellence. These pillars will offer the information, resources and connections you need to implement and integrate each pillar into your programs. Take your marketing efforts to greater heights!

7 Pillars of Marketing Excellence


Kathy Means

Kathy Means

VP Demand Creation and Consumer Affairs

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Eileen O'Leary

Eileen O'Leary

Insights & Analytics Manager

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Lauren M Scott

Lauren M. Scott

Chief Marketing Officer

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