The 7 Pillars of Marketing Excellence

Strategy & Planning: Put your grey matter to work and think intentionally about what you choose to do, and what you choose not to do.

Insights & (Data) Analytics: Dig into the “why” about what your customers do and how you can use those insights intel to grow your business. Data without analysis and context are just numbers.

Trademark & Brand Management: Your brand is what people feel about your company when they experience it, and successful brands have equity far beyond a logo.

Advertising & Communications: The tools used to make contact with consumers across various forms of media to generate interest, stimulate potential sales, and if successful, begin to build loyalty.

Merchandising & Promotions: It’s what gets them in the cart (online and offline) or plate. The connective tissue between the user and action, helping to enhance and drive purchase decisions.

Channels & Customers: Where are your customers and how are they buying what they need?

Consumers, Shoppers & Guests: Our end user, who has more choices than ever before when it comes to buying food, including fresh produce and floral. The challenge is understanding their motivations.