Center for Produce Safety

CPS Key Learnings 2018

2017 CPS Key Learning

This report discusses the interpretation of food safety research results and application of results and how data can be used to build risk- and science-based food safety programs for all produce companies along the supply chain.

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CPS Wash Water Key Learnings

Produce related disease outbreaks where improper wash water management may have been a contributing factor and stakeholder inquiries regarding the efficacy of disinfectants and proper monitoring protocols led CPS to conducted the seminar to highlight relevant research data, provide a forum for discussion on key issues and stimulate produce industry thinking on effective management methods.

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Magnifying Glass Over the Word Research

Center for Produce Safety: Advancing Practical Solutions

To enhance produce safety programs, companies must have credible, practical solutions that are founded in science. That’s why the Center for Produce Safety exists. One of the central elements of the PMA Issues Leadership portfolio is funding scientific research that addresses industry needs. With ongoing food safety recalls reported every week, the safety of the products we produce is a key priority for PMA and should be a priority for each company that produces fresh fruits and vegetables. (Published 2/24/16).

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