Customize Your Floral Marketing

Customize Your Floral Marketing to Appeal to Consumers

With consumers shifting away from traditional florists and toward floral departments in supermarkets and other retail formats, there comes a greater need to focus on specific consumer preferences.

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Changing your Floral Sales Strategy

Changing Your Floral Sales Strategy

Looking to grow your mass-market floral sales? Maybe the time has come to try something new and change course to rejuvenate the floral department's strategy. Small changes can increase customer interest, department traffic and sales. Learn crucial components to target, engage and keep customers.

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Produce On Shelf

What's Driving Food Trends Today: Branding Produce

Branding can be a powerful driver of trends, including food trends and sales of branded produce have been increasing year over year. Sales of branded produce are expected to reach almost USD 7 billion by 2018, up from USD 5.6 billion in 2013. With no signs of decline, branded produce is on every produce marketer’s radar. This overview for executive and mid-level produce retailers and their produce suppliers provides insights in to how branded produce can • draw consumers into your store • create a personal connection with consumers • contribute to increased sales

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eat brighter!

Join The Movement eat brighter!

The U.S. is in a crisis: one in three children is overweight or obese. As produce marketers, we have the power to drive change and inspire kids to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables! Join us!

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Tom Fishburne
Founder &  CEO of Marketoonist