• Connect to a unique network of more than 28,000 contacts (and growing) from across the global supply chain:


  • Stay abreast of the latest industry news and issues through resources like:
    • PMA Smartbrief: a compilation of the day's global industry news headlines
    • Issue Alerts: anytime there's a foodborne illness outbreak, new legislations or regulations, and other key issues impacting the industry
    • PMA.com: keeping you up-to-date with the top issues facing the industry such as food safety, supply chain efficiencies, and the latest market and consumer trends


  • Attract, develop and retain the very best talent for your business through the PMA Foundation for Industry Talent’s training and professional development programs for employees at every stage of their careers.
  • Take advantage of unprecedented, royalty-free access to Sesame Street characters  on your packaging.
  • Create, streamline and improve business processes across the fresh produce supply chain by utilizing PMA's guidelines on Product Identification, Data Standardization and Data Synchronization, Barcodes, E-Commerce, and Traceability.

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