Responsible Labor Practices

The Boards of Directors of PMA and United Fresh formed a Joint Committee on Responsible Labor Practices. The committee's charge is to evaluate appropriate labor practices across the produce and floral supply chain, potentially leading to an industrywide, global approach to responsible labor practices. This joint committee is working to help ensure our industry has a clear and well-defined commitment to treat all workers with dignity and respect as they work to bring fresh produce to consumers.

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Reducing Food Waste

PMA Chairman-Elect John Oxford highlighted industry efforts to deal with food waste at a hearing before the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture. Invited by committee chairman Mike Conaway (R-TX), Oxford offered a producer’s perspective, showcasing members’ leadership and innovative efforts to combat this complex issue.

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Effects of Recent Drought Conditions in the U.S.

If U.S. water supplies continue to tighten, the rising cost of irrigation may put increased price pressure on fruits and vegetables as producers move to find new production areas, new sources for product, new sources of water and invest in additional water conserving technologies.

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Transparency Webinar Recap

Consumers are becoming more familiar with the term “sustainability,” and trust is increasingly dependent upon transparency, in terms of how consumers evaluate what they hear from companies and what consumers want to know about companies’ products and business practices, said The Hartman Group CEO Laurie Demeritt in a recent webinar.

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Today's Hottest Ingredient: Transparency

Eating well is fundamental in consumers’ pursuit of personal health and wellness today. They are increasingly aware of the personal, social, environmental, and health consequences of the foods they consume.

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Ethical Sourcing

With more than half of consumers saying that information about how their food is grown and raised is extremely important to them, ethical sourcing is more important than ever before.

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Water Innovations

Agriculture minimizes its environmental footprint by using meter and sensor technologies to help manage water. This high-level article presents different types of sensors used to manage water on the farm.

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The Water Issue

On a macro level, there is a water crisis facing agriculture that is being met with different solutions such as drip irrigation, water desalination and drought resistant seeds. Defining the issue is the first step to understanding possible solutions.

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Tracking Sustainability

While other certification and supplier education programs have attempted to address these demands, most focus on a niche market, a limited set of crops, and/or a specific link in the supply chain...

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Transparency 2015, Establishing Trust With Consumers

The Hartman Group’s Transparency 2015, Establishing Trust with Consumers study takes an in-depth look at Transparency.

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