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Business Profile - Eco Farms

Business profiles are part of an ongoing series in which PMA members share their expertise and experience with other PMA members. In this profile, Eco Farms discusses overcoming challenges and staying up on current trends.

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Big data

Big Impact of Big Data

Part of the challenge of big data is finding where the sheer volume of data and insights available about foodservice intersect with the more narrow data and insights that matter to your business, Massa said.

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Data in the Floral Category

Point of Sale data can be a treasure trove of information for marketers. What products were purchased, when and where they were purchased and in what quantities can lead to a better understanding of the velocity and effectiveness of our retail efforts. If this data is available, using it within your organization and sharing it with your retail channel partners is useful for both the merchandising efforts and your supply chain.

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EPA's shrinking tolerance for risk

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) appears to be signaling a change in how it looks at crop protection tools and the evidence it considers for reregistration. This agency’s decisions can have dramatic impact on growers’ ability to produce their crops. PMA will be working with cooperators, engaging with federal agencies and submitting comments whenever appropriate to ensure EPA uses the best science in its decisions about crop protection tools our members need. The produce industry’s voice must be heard.

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GMO labeling negotiations near final

Just days before the Vermont genetically modified organism (GMO) mandatory labeling law went into effect, July 1, the U.S. Senate Agriculture Committee leaders and industry stakeholders reached agreement on their version of legislation addressing labeling products containing GMOs. Today only a few produce varieties have been genetically engineered, but the eleventh-hour agreement, combined with Vermont officials’ statements deferring enforcement of the law, provides a potential path to avoid further concerns about a state-by-state patchwork of differing rules.

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Report adds holistic, science-based dialogue to GE debate

A new report on genetic engineering from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine will bring a considered, balanced approach to public discussions and policy considerations around genetic engineering. It’s important variety developers have a diversity of tools to employ, and regulatory systems ensuring those tools’ safety are both stringent and reasonable so as not to inhibit innovation.

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Tech Knowledge

Learn from and interact with innovators who are changing the way the produce and floral industries do business

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Vermont's GMO Labeling Enforcement Priorities

As the mandatory GMO labeling law in Vermont is set to go into effect July 1, the Vermont Attorney General has announced that the state will begin enforcing the law by targeting “willful violations” by manufacturers, and not products that were produced before the law’s enactment date that are still on store shelves. The office will allow for a six-month “safe harbor” period for products produced prior to July 1 to move through the system. Beginning January 1, 2017, “all products must be properly labeled regardless of when they were distributed.”

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ipad vegies

2016 Tech Trends

Are you ready? Read about today's industry challenges and how technology is providing viable solutions in the 2016 Tech Trends paper.

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Innovate or risk being irrelevant in today's marketplace

Innovation creates value and is critical to success. Agricultural innovation is more than just a one-way transfer of results to practice: Innovation prospers when the worlds of research and farming permanently interact by sharing knowledge, ideas and thinking together. When it comes to fostering innovative cultures, companies throughout the produce supply chain must be open to changing the way they do business.

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