PMAs Glimpse into the Future 2017 Produce and Floral Environmental Scan

Special Report: PMA’s 2017 Glimpse into the Future

PMA’s “Glimpse into the Future” report identifies issues and trends that are likely to affect the global fresh produce and floral industries in the next three to five years. It was developed from information gathered by the PMA Research team, in conjunction with members and volunteer leaders worldwide, as well as global subject matter experts.

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How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Produce Industry

How Artificial Intelligence is Shaping the Produce Industry

As computers become faster and more sophisticated, the potential for AI and its capabilities evolve. In addition, the exponential growth of data collection in the past few decades, particularly from consumer products and systems such as the Internet, has resulted in an accumulation of massive amounts of data. This combination of computational power and “big data” to determine patterns are the basis for intelligent systems.

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work smarter not harder

To Address Labor Challenges, Work Smarter Not Harder

Ask produce and floral industry executives on the production side of the supply chain what keeps them up at night, and chances are that labor is at the top of their list of insomnia inducers. Labor consumes a significant amount of management time to hire, fire and take care of everything in between.

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Considering Automation

Considering Automation in the Produce and Floral Industries

Automation technologies or supply chain/production innovations that reduce labor inputs are not often specifically designed for the harsh or unique environments of fruit, vegetable or floral production. This creates a gap where further development and refinement is required to adapt to industry requirements. Filling this gap can be expensive, but ultimately requires collaboration between innovators and industry operations.

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Can Farm Robots Avert a Growing Labor Shortage?

Can Farm Robots avert a growing labor shortage?

Produce and floral growers are quickly identifying labor as one of the biggest challenges facing the industry today. Small and large farms are encountering the twin threat of a dwindling labor pool and rising farm costs. A dire need for a solution is apparent. Automation and robotics stand to provide more productive, efficient and cost-effective farms than ever before. PMA is dedicated in providing you the latest technological advancements and its effect on the produce and floral industry.

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