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Welcome to IFPA! Let's get started making the most out of your membership.

Your IFPA Profile

The first step in utilizing your IFPA membership to the fullest is to create a profile. Doing so allows you to quickly register for our events, view and download member exclusive content and appear in the member directory with your company so that people could network with you.

Watch the how-to video for a step-by-step or read the instructions below. 

You count on IFPA to help grow your business, and that starts with creating an account in our portal. You’ll use it to register for an event, buy a product, make new connections, or develop your team. If you don’t have an account, it’s easy – and free – to create one.

  1. Go to fresh produce dot com and click on the green box at the top right that says join slash log in.
  2. Select create account below the green log in button. See if you have an account by searching for your email address in the search box at the top of the page and clicking the ‘verify email’ button.  This step is important because you don’t want to create a duplicate account for yourself.
    • If you already have an account, log in. You can use the ‘forgot password’ function to reset it if necessary.   
    • If your email was not found it means you do not have an account in our system under that email address. Continue on to create one.
  3. When your email was not found, you were brought to the profile creation page automatically. Begin by typing in your company name.
    • If your organization already exists, select it from the drop down. If you don’t see it, choose ‘create account’ and fill out the form to create a new organization.
  4. Once you have created your organization account or have selected your existing organization account, create your individual account.
    • Fill out the fields with asterisks as they are required.
    • Fill out as many of the other fields as you like.
    • Click the submit button at the bottom of the form.
  5. This will generate an automated email to you. You must click on the link in that email to create a new password. If you don’t see this email right away, check your spam or junk folder.
  6. This email address will be your username for fresh produce dot com, and the password you set will be your password. We do not keep or track your password.
  7. After you create your new password, you will be directed to your ‘my info’ page. Click the pencil icons at the top right corner of the information boxes to personalize your information.

Any employee can have an IFPA account associated with your company. Having an account makes doing business with IFPA simpler and ensures employees are visible to potential customers or suppliers. Be sure at least the following people have individual accounts:

  • Anyone who will pay online for IFPA services – like membership dues or an expo booth
  • Anyone who might want to register themselves or others for an event
  • Anyone who might want access to member-exclusive research and information
  • Anyone you might want listed in the Member Directory.
  • Anyone who might want to serve on a committee or board.
  • Anyone who would like to receive IFPA newsletters.
  • Anyone who will oversee your expo booth at one of our events.

Member Directory

The member directory boasts many benefits including being able to find contact information for those with whom you would like to do business. You can find buyers for your own products/services and find companies who supply what you need.

Member Directory

First, ensure others can find you! Update your company profile to increase your visibility. Be sure your company’s listing has a complete description of your products and services. To do that:

  • The primary IFPA contact for your company should go to fresh produce dot com and log in.
  • Click on the ‘company info’ link on the left (this is visible only to the primary contact).
  • Make any updates to company information and save.

Second, create your own lists to get information for potential business partners – suppliers, buyers, or service providers – by company or individual.

To create a customized list of companies from the directory, simply:  

  1. Go to fresh produce dot com and log in.
  2. There, on your ‘my info’ page, you will see a light green stripe at the top. Click the word directories – it's near the middle.
  3. You’ll see a menu of attendee lists and two versions of the IFPA Member Directory. Select IFPA Member Directory Company. 
  4. Use the filters on the left to refine your list. Filter by business type, products and services, or ownership.
  5. Use the search box at the top right side of your results list to filter by company name, country, state, or city.
  6. This will give you a list of IFPA member companies that match your search criteria.

Search results are limited to the first two thousand companies. Use the search and filter functions to be more specific and reduce the numbers if needed.   

To pull a customized list of individuals – or even a single individual: 

  1. Go to fresh produce dot com and log in.
  2. There, on your ‘my info’ page, find a light green stripe at the top. Click the directories link – it's near the middle.
  3. Choose the IFPA Member Directory Colleague option.
  4. Type either the name of the company or the name of an individual into the search box at the top of the right side of the page to get a single person or a list of all employees for a particular company.
  5. Or use the Job Function and/or Job Level filters at the left side of the page to get the specific people you are looking for.
  6. Once you get the list results, you can copy and paste them into a document or use the information straight from your screen.

If you do not see someone you believe should be listed, they may have chosen to keep their information private. Or they are not in the IFPA database. We only have information provided and authorized by members.

Note that search results from the ‘by colleague’ option are limited to two thousand names. Use the search and filters functions to target your list and reduce the numbers if needed. 

link directly to attendee list

IFPA Event Attendee Lists

As part of IFPA’s efforts to maximize member connections, we encourage registrants to download attendee lists before and after our events. Use them for your pre-event marketing, for on-site meetings, and for post-event follow-up to build lasting business relationships. 

Watch the how-to video for a step-by-step or read the instructions below. 

Simply log onto the IFPA website and follow a few steps to get the list, which includes contact information.  
  1. Go to fresh produce dot com and log in to ‘my account.’ Once logged in, you will be on your ‘my info’ page.
  2. Look for a light green stripe at the top. Click the word directories – it's near the middle.
  3. You’ll see all the attendee lists you have access to as well as two versions of the IFPA Member Directory.
  4. Select the event you want the list for.
  5. Use the filter categories to the left and the search box at the top right to target your list.
  6. Once you get your results, you can copy and paste them into a document or print them out directly from your screen.

Be aware that printouts are limited to the first two thousand results. Use the search and filters to get a more-targeted list and reduce the numbers if needed. You will still be able to view all results, including live links, such as phone numbers, email addresses, and websites from your search results. 

To strengthen your networking for every event, pull your lists every couple of weeks before the event and again after the event to capture all attendees.

IFPA offers this service for a year after each event to enhance member connections.

If you are not personally registered for the event, you won’t be able to download the list, even if someone else from your company is registered. This is a benefit only for registrants, adding value to event registrations.

Proud Member Logo

As a member of IFPA, we want you to be able to display on your website, emails or marketing pieces that you are a proud member of the International Fresh Produce Association and in turn helping create a vibrant future for all. Download the logo below!

You must be logged in under a member company to download the logo. Login below and the logo will appear for download. If you need assistance, contact member services.



We go farther when we go together. By participating in volunteer leadership, you and your company will shape industry best practices, event programming, and other segment-specific guidance. You’ll also have access to focused networking opportunities with other key industry leaders. Members can volunteer on the following groups:

  • Market Segment Councils
  • Industry Expert Councils
  • Country Councils
  • Foundation Board of Trustees
  • Committees & Roundtables

Volunteer opportunities are only available for active members. To learn more about specific councils, boards, roundtables and committees visit our volunteer web page. 

Get Involved 

Education & Networking Opportunities

IFPA has a variety of in-person and virtual opportunities for you to learn and connect with your industry peers.


Access members-only research & insights on retail, foodservice, business operations, food safety, supply chain logistics, global trade, technology and sustainability and more with our expansive resource library.

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